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Azur Lane Mod APK Version 6.1.2 It is a Unique Mix Of RPG, 2D Shooter, And Tactical Genres and Unlocked All Features | Install It Now
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27 June 2022
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azur lane mod apk Azur Lane is an exclusive mobile game developed by Bilibili. After two closed bets that were successful, Azur Lane officially started on June 2. At present, the game has surpassed more than 500,000 downloads on Google Play application market. In Azur Lane the player is an experienced commander, however, the task isn’t easy. Build a world, make use of your skills and money to purchase beautiful warships and the most beautiful.

Information About Azur Lane Mod APK

App NameAzur Lane MOD APK 2022
Latest Version6.1.2
Size50 MB
It was developed byYostar Limited.
Requirements4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads1 Million+
Root is required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems money, free purchase MOD Unlocked

Game Overview

The Azur Lane APK, it is not necessary to build the perception model in order to build the ship as in typical games. However, with a set amount of resources, players are able to choose between small or heavy vessels. Different kinds of battleships come with different perception modes. It is a battleship for Tectonics. What is it that makes it attractive? Before you can play, you must create an army of your own. There are six hot girls in each army, however, be aware that the effects are different with the type of warship and also the player’s most appropriate combination.

The main menu will lead the player to the realm of their choice of battlefields. The players have the option of choosing between the battlefield and combat armies. The left button will allow the female soldier to hide the weapons from the enemies while the right button to master the skill manages the situation. After the battle has ended, you’ll would like to know you will be rewarded for.

More information about Azur

The game is also psychological, and the rewards are prizes, resources, and the most important thing, a hot girl. But, the vehicle requires oil to power the vehicle So a hunt for oil spills will not hinder its performance.

The game is a sea battle that has every hot girl gathered and it’s an error to not discuss the ever-changing nature and nature of this game. azur lane mod provides a variety of character development tools, each of which comes with 5 different kinds of equipment. Players are able to place icons on stickers or make use of the magic box to accomplish their missions. Bring beautiful girls into the academy to test your skills and improve the combat power of your team. Apart from combat, the participants can transform into “real guys” and then go home to clean furniture and tending to all the gorgeous girls!

Azur Lane MOD APK Features

RPG with twist

The game is a fresh and distinctive RPG experience that blends 2D shooting and strategic genres. This is at the heart of this stunning anime game designed by the most famous animators.

Both manual and AI control can be used

The game is a great one, you will observe both manual and automated control options, and you can utilize either one for combat. The greatest thing about this game is that you can customize the settings according to your preferences to ensure that your actions are accurate and precise.

Find a 6-Star Cruise for no cost

Try to find a ship that has a six-star rating If you think that five-star ships are scarce. The 6 stars are the kind of ship that’s extremely difficult to acquire in normal gameplay however, you might not get one after playing for months. It is possible to obtain this ship at no cost when you play each day for the duration of a week. Be sure to claim your free ship of 6 stars when you’ve reached the required level of log-in the ship will be delivered to you.

Enhance Your Equipment

You’ve already heard about the possibility to upgrade your ship but did you know that you can also upgrade the equipment they use? Everything you place on your vessel is able to be upgraded. The damage and fire rate will increase due to this. The items you’ll need to use this strategy can be found within the rewards for missions. Be sure to check the condition of your fleet’s equipment on regular basis and try to improve each.

Participation Rate

As fast as you can As quickly as you can, increase your player’s level to 70. The steel box, boxes for equipment, and the Enhancement components comprise the three primary items in the game. They are available for collection every day , beginning on day of the event. The quality of the cache is dependent on your level as a commander. When you reach the level 70, you’ll be able participate in the most elite daily event that rewards you with an abundance of gold-colored skill books as well as equipment boxes. Do your best to reach level 70 as fast as you can.

Battleships from Azur Lane

Two powerful battleships should be leveled up; battleships are superior to transporters in azur lane install . Battleships have secondary cannons in order to protect themselves from suicide boxes and increase single-target damage when fighting bosses. It is recommended to be armed with at least one powership per fleet on late-game maps which means you should focus on at least two battleships: one for the fleet that escorts and the other that is for your boss’s fleet. Improve your skills, particularly the barrage ability of battleships, since it increases the chance of its cost and is based on the damage it causes the level of your skills.

Torpedoes are not to be used

The enemies attack you with two kinds of projectiles that are available in azur lane download. The regular projectiles make up most attacks, but they do less damage. If you are unable to evade projectiles, you are able to be a victim. Torpedoes are a second type of attack and must avoid at all times. They do a lot of damage and could destroy an entire spacecraft with just the span of four or five strikes. They’re slow and are easy to avoid particularly with huge warships with a restricted top speed.

Keep away from any ships with hostile intentions so you are able to see them when they launch torpedoes. The trajectory of a torpedo’s trajectory will be evident as soon as the torpedo is launched. Since you can see the entire path of each torpedo, it is easy to make the necessary steps to prevent it. If you must decide between absorbing a significant amount of normal shots or just a handful of torpedoes. Avoid the torpedoes.

Create your fleet

The game is where you’ll find a range of warships to select your army. There are more than 300 these, all with its individual strengths and capabilities to offer. Pick the top of them and include them in your squadron so that you can begin destroying your enemies today.

Weapons of Amazingness

The game is awash with options, you’ll find a huge array of weapons, and more to equip your warships and thwart your opponents. Improve your weaponry and ship regularly to keep your offensive power up and play pranks on your profile to be able to fight stronger opponents.

By downloading the Azur Lane MOD APK you will be able to enjoy Unlimited money and unlimited gems, as well as free purchase, as well as MOD unlock.

Player Reviews

This is the only game that I recommend. The game is generous, and you can finish the entire game for free. You can save your draws which they offer a lot of no cost, and then you can buy any ship you wish. You can unlock each useful thing that affects gameplay using only the tokens you earn in-game. There’s nothing that will cost money at any time and you’ll feel very little obligation to buy. However, you’ll pay for the skins because they’re adorable. But you’ll never be forcedto!

* This is the only gacha I’d suggest to anyone. From the moment you begin it’s accessible to beginners, rewards are plentiful, and the number of characters available is amazing. The interface for users is simple to grasp and isn’t a hindrance from the menu. The events are often frequent and give the players to access even more outfits and characters. The voice acting is top-quality The artwork is amazing and the variety of skins available for characters is endless.

Why isn’t The MOD Version Available on Google Play?

The number of apps and games is staggering. and apps that are available on the Google Play Store. In order in order to get there, apps must comply with a certain rules set forth by Google. For instance, in the instance azur lane apk downloadAzur Lane MOD,it is not in compliance with the rules set forth by Google due to the fact that Google Play Store does not offer premium or modded versions of any app. This is the reason the reason why this game isn’t available on the Google Play store.

How do I Install the Azur Lane MOD on Android?

The first step is to make sure you remove any older versions of the game that you have installed in your computer. After that, go to settings, then click security, then select Enable unknown Sources(just in case the installation fails to begin).

The modified APK file that is used for this application is very simple to install. Here are the steps to install the application for Android devices.

  • Click the download button below to download.
  • The download will take a while to complete Then, you can open it
  • Install the application on your android device.
  • Follow all the guidelines provided within the.
  • Once it’s installed properly then you can start enjoying the many features that come with this amazing app.


I hope that you have a clear understanding about all things about Azur Lane MOD APK after having read this extensive guide to gems azur lane composed by APKMODKING. You are welcome to post any questions you have in the comments section below. We will be happy to respond to your questions. Additionally, read our other articles for more incredible Mods.

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