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Do you love to have dragons? I am sure you would if they existed. So, if they are not existing, we will provide you with a platform to download the game of dragons. It will not matter anymore as we have a new solution for you to download Dragon City for PC and enjoy keeping this dangerous animal in the form of cute little babies. Yes, it is true, you can download the game on your PC and enjoy it on the big screen. But wait! Isn’t it for Android? You would be thinking right now. It is an Android based game but you can play it on your PC as well. To get the Dragon City Game for PC you will have to stay with us till the end. 

It is a simulation game where you have to fulfill tasks that are really close to real-world tasks. So, playing the game will not be a boring experience. The graphics of the landscape used in the game are so attractive that you can’t resist admiring them. Socialpoint, the developer of the game has added tons of attractive features along with deadly battles so that your interest does not shatter at any point of time while playing the game. 

Gameplay Of The Dragon Games PC

The game of Dragon City on PC is rather easy. You will find easy ways to navigate your dragons which will allow you to take timely actions. But mastering the game and getting into the main rounds will be a challenging task for you. If you are ready for these challenges then let’s have a ride and see what you’re gonna get. As explained earlier, the gameplay is very simple. It means that the protocols to play the games are very easy. You do not need to script for hours and then decide to play the game. Let’s go through the gameplay of this exceptional game dragon breeding games for PC.

Your mission is to get little cute dragons and convert them into fighting beasts. You will have to build a brand new island for cute dragon babies and other necessary buildings, towers, and castles. Habitats are the places where you can keep your dragons to train them. The island has everything for you where you can build farms to feed the dragons. This non-stop activity will enable you to create a force of fighting beasts. The Dragon city download PC will provide you with all these facilities. 

Your Duties In Dragon City PC

The game is simple but you have to play it in different stages. I mean you can’t jump into the game straight away. For making a fighting force of dragons you have to come across a few stages. Let’s have an overview of those stages.

Getting Knowledge Of The Dragons You are Going To Have In The Game

You are entered into the game and puzzled about what to do now. Which dragon to choose. What are the collections available in the game? How would I use them in a better way? If you are facing this situation then I recommend you to take a guide. Yes, a guide that is in the form of a book. It contains all 26 dragons. You will get a lot of information about dragons. You will come to know which dragon will be good for you. After getting complete knowledge about your cute little doll-like dragons, jump straight away into the game after downloading the dragon city windows.

Selecting Your Dragons In The Dragon City PC Free

After selecting your cute little dragons from the guidebook, the thing you have to do is to categorize them on the basis of features or elements they have. For example, there are different types of cute dragons with distinguishing features. Every little dragon turns into a fighting beast after keeping and feeding for a few days. So, here you have to collect some deadly beasts like Fire Dragons, Nature Dragons, Water Dragons, and Earth Dragons, etc. Once you get these dragons you have to keep on training, breeding, and fighting them. 

Build A Great Habitat For Your Dragons To Evolve In The Dragon City Games For Free

As you know, you have to buy some space to buy land and turn it into a beautiful island where you will have buildings, farms and other important things for survival. But there is another important building that is called Habitat. Habitat is the special space where you can keep your dragons so that they could be fed and trained. Habitat in the PC engine cheats is a special place for dragon evolution. 

Building a habitat is not big if you have sufficient money and enough space to play with. As your dragons evolve you will have to keep on expanding their habitats which is not an easy task. But here Habitat Meta comes into play. If you have this feature you can keep on increasing and enhancing the territory for the dragons you have in your collection. Your collection includes farms, food for the dragons, breeding them to get new features, dragons, mountains and many other bounties. Are you looking forward to all these? Then download the dragon city simulator for PC

Training The Little Cute Babies (Dragons) To Convert Them Into A Deadly Fighting Beast. 

Download Dragon City for Windows 7/10 and enjoy the ultimate enjoyment of getting everything that you want. Training is the premium duty of a gamer playing the dragon city for PC. He has to collect the best for his squad and let them be trained, fed, and take part in different combats. 

Breed Your Best Dragons In The Dragon PC To Get A New Dragon With Hybrid Features

Breeding your dragon in the game is one of the best features that will allow you to get a completely new featured dragon with new elements. If you need this feature you have to combine two different dragons having different elements (features) and let them breed. For this, all you have to do is point out your special ones and wait for a moment. In a short span of time you get an egg for hatching. Add that egg to the Hatchery and wait a few moments more. Here is your new dragon with brand new elements or features or power, whatever you call it. The game provides you with different featured dragons-like flame hybrid dragons and other dragons. You can combine to get new features.

Engage Your Dragons In Battles To Get Unlimited Money

After doing all those preparations, now the time has reached to get some rewards and earn unlimited money to enhance the quality of your dream city, called the Dragon City. But how big is that? The answer is simple: keep engaging your dragons in combat.

There are two types of battle systems, the Dragon League Tourney and the Dragon Stadium. Both have different protocols to follow. In the Dragon Stadium for PC,  there are three dragons to choose from for each tournament. But one thing to be kept in mind, you can’t participate in the battle if you have dragons less than level 4. 

The rules for the second type of dragon combat which is called Dragon League Touney are different. Here it is a PVP battle where you have to face other Master Dragons. To up your level, you have to defeat 7 dragon masters. You can fight 3 times every 6 hours. 

The Beauty Of The Game

The dragon city simulator is an engaging and popular game. Dragon city backgrounds are amazing because of the futuristic graphics of the game. You can use the Dragon City beginner guide to understand the game. There are PC hack tools that can be used to download the game for free. Dragon city hybrids are one of the main features to get a new dragon with cool awesome elements. The dragon city wallpaper is used due to the catchy landscape used in the game. 

How To Install/Download The Dragon City For PC

Downloading Dragon City on PC is now available. To download the game all you have to do is press the download button and the process will start in a short while. Enjoy the game. 



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