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harvest town mod apk is a pixel-style mobile farming simulation game. It is currently available in 2.4.9. The game features a variety of RPG elements that allow players to have a high degree of freedom and create a real-life farm environment where they can renovate their property and interact with the surrounding world. The main quest is the only requirement, so the game allows players to do what they want at their own pace. Harvest town does not have a “goal,” so players can set their own goals. The game is still in beta as of April 2020. However, many of its features are available for play.

Additional information

 Last UpdatedMarch 19, 2022  




Current Version2.4.9
 Requires Android4.4 and higher   
Content rating5+


In-app Products$0.99 – $99.99 per item


Offer byAVIDGamers


Story of the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

You are an older adult who has worked in a foreign country. Now you miss the smell of grass and milk in your hometown. You believe you would have stayed in your hometown if given another chance wake up with regrets and realize that you are back in your hometown. You are not let down by the abandoned manor. Instead, you get up and start to build a landmark building in your town.

Enjoy the peaceful farm life from now. You can fulfill various missions and orders here. Let your name be known all over the globe. You might meet your true love by getting to know everyone in the community. You can explore the caves, battle unknown monsters, and find rare treasures. Online gaming allows you to have fun with others and exchange gifts. You can also cook delicious meals with the fish that you catch.

How do I play?

Harvest Town’s gameplay comprises two components: conversation and collection.

Conversation in Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

The conversation comes from the citizens, and you can talk to them, give them gifts, or complete quests. By raising their affection level, the player may receive recipes, facilities, or the ability to marry them in the case of bachelors/bachelorettes.


Tap on a citizen to speak with them. Tap on the counter to interact with the shopkeeper if you’re in a store.

A citizen will have a white bubble above their head with an exclamation mark. This means they may have a quest for them or receive a completed investigation. Participating in villager quests will increase your affection points, providing you with goods, coins, and diamonds.

Gifts on a Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

This is a quick way to show your affection for a citizen. To give a citizen a gift, you need to select the item from the drop-down menu and talk to them. The option “This is for me” should appear, and tap this, and your gift will appear.

One gift can be given per citizen per day, so make sure you choose carefully!

Each citizen has their their likes and dislikings. These can be seen on individual character pages, and the relationships page includes a table on dislike/like/favorite values.

Gifts given to characters on their birthdays (see Bulletin below) are 2x more fondly than usual. So make sure you provide them with a birthday gift!

Bulletin Board of the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

The school’s bulletin board can be found to the left of the school entrance. It will display all the available daily quests and the birthdays for that season. Birthdays will be shown as a character’s face on an appropriate date. They can also be found on individual character pages and the birthdays’ webpage.

The bulletin board will display quests by a red bubble and an exclamation mark. These quests are limited in time, but they offer diamonds and transportation scrolls, coins, invitation cards, and prosperity.

The Mailbox in the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

The mailbox is located at the front of the player’s manor. It will receive all letters and gifts from citizens. A red bubble with yellow exclamation marks will be displayed when a gift or letter arrives, just like the Bulletin.

You can also find special quests for characters in the mailbox that reward you with rare items (such as diamonds) and allow you to find a unique quest item for your character. Can find more information about where and who the things belong on the Quest Items webpage.

You will also find information in the mailbox about upcoming events and notices about fees for players who have lost or died.


harvest town mod  most important aspect is the collection, and this involves upgrading your manor, orders, and leveling up.

Upgrading the manor

The most critical aspect of Harvest Town is upgrading the manor. It’s also the goal of many of its features. You can find your mansion on the left side of the map. It can be upgraded by collecting prosperity. You can check the star at the top of the screen for your manor level. And can also see the amount of wealth required to upgrade your manor. You can upgrade your villa to add new decorations, activities, and production houses.

Will can upgrade your manor in many ways. The amount of prosperity earned increases your manor level. Your primary means of wealth include decorating/building, orders, and quests. For more information, see the section on a building.

Skills in the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

Players must improve their skills and open the skill system to unlock all the game’s features. The skill system can be unlocked by upgrading the Farming Skill to Level 1. This is done by harvesting and planting crops. There are eight skills available: Logging, Fishing, Mining, Pickup, Pickup, Cooking, Battle, Breeding, Pickup, and Farming. You can earn skill experience (Exp. You can earn skill experience (Exp.) by performing the appropriate daily activities. Once a skill has sufficient exp, it will increase in level. The skill points will be awarded to the player. To improve your ability to perform the related activities, you can use skill points. Except picking up, skill actions will consume vitality (the bar in the top left). However, skill level upgrades will increase the vitality cap. Although the skill wiki pages are not complete, here is a brief explanation.


involves a hammer and any kind of wood product, including trees, being cut or removed. This skill can be quickly improved by focusing on cutting the full-grown oak and pine trees in your town and surrounding areas, and any wood trash (saplings and logs) found around your manor.

Mining in Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

You will need a pickaxe. This includes all stone mining, both in the Ancient Mines and Occult Cave. This skill increases the number of rare gems.


This skill requires a fishing rod. However, fish caught using a trap are still included in the talent and count towards your skill level. Many fishing spots around town, including the Manor River, Eastern Lake, and Saltwater/ Beach. Make sure you fish wherever fish are jumping out of the water. You should be aware that the availability of fish varies according to weather conditions and season. Keep an eye out for fish you are interested in.


This involves all cultivation and collection at your farm. This skill can be easily mastered by creating large numbers of farms on your land and using sprinklers to grow mass quantities of crops at once. You will often need the extra yield to fulfill orders or sell.

Breeding of the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

While it isn’t as easy as the others, this skill can be improved by owning animals or foraging with a knife.


 This skill involves killing all the monsters in town. For more information about demons and where they can be found, visit the monsters webpage. You will need a sword, although other weapons may be available. However, you can make a wooden sword as a starting point. You should be careful when fighting monsters. Also, keep an eye on the health bar (red bar at top left) and your screen. Lee Wah may charge you a fee to cover your recovery if you are killed.

Cooking/Cuisine in Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

is a skill that can be unlocked when a player raises their cottage to level 4. This opens the kitchen. You can earn recipes by increasing your manor level or making maximum affection from certain characters. Cooked foods are a great way to restore vitality and life, and some NPCs love them as gifts. Some recipes are seasonal, so stock up on the right products and items! Cooking is a delicate business. If you cook your meal too long, it can burn and may not be resold for one coin. Consuming cooked food, which excludes drinking milk, is the only way to regain your health and vitality.


Many items around the city can be collected and picked up. You don’t need to have any vitality to improve this skill. The fastest way to increase it is to travel daily in-game to search for items around the town. You will find different pick up things at the beach than in the rest in the city. So make sure you keep your eyes open for any new items! Pickup items are subject to seasonal changes. You can only earn them off-season through the Occult cave or waiting for the season’s return. It is good to stockpile pickup items as quest products, and orders will always require them.


The battle skill requires weapons to travel to some map regions and complete the main quest.

You will discover more as you travel through the Occult cave, including monster drops and treasure chests. Some weapons can be obtained from fighting monsters outside the Occult cave, like rusted swords and wooden swords. However, the most potent weapons will drop from the Occult Store or Occult Cavern (found on the 9th or 19th, 29th, or 29th). ).

Lucky days may bring you weapons by cutting or digging trees.

You can get better weapons by going into the Occult Cave and collecting drops.

You cannot defeat some monsters like slimes without an explosive. Basic versions can be made with stone and coal hearts. Other players can also give you gifts.

The greater your chance of obtaining weapons, the better your luck.


Bombs are a type of weapon that explodes within a matter of seconds. Simply place the bombs on the ground and then walk away. After you place them, look out for the square in the background, indicating the area that will be affected.

Super Bomb

A super bomb can be bought with diamonds at the mall. It is more vital than any bomb you can make and has a more excellent range.

Small Bomb

Small bombs can now be made with one stone heart (obtained from the killing of stone monsters) and one piece of coal. Though you will receive five from Lee Yeung, these bombs can be used in the main quest. These bombs are limited to a single grid area, so ensure they are placed in the most convenient spot.


To give the player certain perks or buffs, the ring may be used to equip them. Open your bag and place the call in the box to the right of the character display.

You may receive rings as gifts, treasures, or prizes from the Occult cave store.


Potions can be used to increase or restore a player’s stats. This potion can be consumed and last for several hours during game time. A boost potion will show up in the upper right corner of the screen and have the order button.

You can buy potions from the hospital or win them in the Occult Cave shop.

There are currently three potions and four potions purchased from Lee Wah Lee Yau. These include:

Life potion- Restores 50 HP.

ATK potion – Increases attack by 30% for five hours

DEF potion – Increases defense by 10, for five hours

Vitality potion – Restores 100 Vitalities This product is also available as a gift in messages.

Your Land Building and Decorating

How you decorate and build your manor is a large part of how to upgrade it. Both can bring you a lot of wealth, so it is essential to incorporate both.


The Carpenter’s is where buildings are made. They require materials from mining, logging, orders, coins, and orders to construct. There are two types of facilities: Building and Decorative.

Production buildings are used to produce products from crops, animal products, and mining materials for Melt. These structures may be upgraded and are used to create products for quests/orders/cooking, except for the barn, poultry house, kennel, and other facilities used to store animals. You may be able to build some buildings more than once. Keep an eye out!

Decorative Structures are structures that decorate the manor, and they can reduce production time and double output. These structures are more expensive than those made from ship orders, but they can bring you a lot of wealth once they are completed.


You can buy decorations with coins or diamonds to increase your prosperity. Open the edit button in your manor’s interior or exterior and tap the paintbrush at the bottom of your screen to purchase a decoration. You will find a golden symbol at the top right. You can then access the store. The item photo shows how much prosperity you will get by purchasing each item. The item’s price will determine how much wealth it brings.

Although decorative items (such as chests) may be helpful, they will not bring you wealth.

Land Space of a Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

Many beginners will find that they have limited space, to begin with. Don’t worry! You will gain more land as you play and increase your manor level. It is best not to buy repairs to gain additional ground for your manor, and this will make it more expensive, and you won’t be charged any fees later. The bridge is a typical example, and it will be unlocked automatically at Manor level 20.

Sprinklers are an excellent tool for new players who want to start a farm, and they automatically water your crops within a specific radius and will make it easier. Don’t forget your sprinklers, and Sprinklers are extremely useful and can make farming easier.

If you want to plant trees for your players, ensure that your trees are all in the same square.

The transporter is a crucial component of your manor, and it can be found near the cottage at the start of the game. It can be moved, but you must be careful not to destroy it or place it in an inaccessible area. The transporter will allow you to teleport around town using teleportation scrolls dropped from Ancient Mine monsters and bulletin quests.

Orders/Earning Money in the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

Orders play a significant part in the game, and players will place orders to sell their goods and earn money. HT 2.0 has previously combined all van, ship, and aircraft orders. The order classifications range from 1 to 5 purple stars. Depending on the order level, there may be a waiting period of a few minutes to several hours.

There are many ways to make money in Harvest Town.

The Stall is located at the entry to your manor/exit from the town. You can sell any goods you want, no matter if they are in order. If you don’t have enough crops or are unable complete your orders, this is a great way to make money. It is good to sell purple-quality products at stalls if you have purple-quality products.

Quests are obtained from the Bulletin by talking to citizens or the main search. These coins are significantly lower than other methods, so don’t rely too heavily on them.

Features in the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

[(Build a farmhouse)] Remove weeds, trim tree branches, and decorate your cottage

[(Ultrahigh freedom]] You can raise chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, and horses.

(Free Exploration]] New gameplay: Explore a mysterious cave, find the treasure box and unlock it with a password. There are also several Easter eggs that you can explore.

Great story ()] Each NPC with a prominent personality will provide you with an unforgettable, spectacular drama of the experience. Choose an attractive NPC and walk into the marriage hall.

[Interactive function] Multiplayer online racing. Market trade. Create an online platform for player interaction

[(Four seasons are changing)] Hot summer, cold winter. Make four seasons your small town’s decoration.

[(Field Collection]] surprises are all around, like DIY, build your town.

Harvest Town is more than a simulation game. We added additional elements to the game, such as RPGs, Puzzles, Interaction!

Harvest town was gray before you met it. Please color it now with your hands!

Download the Harvest Town Mod APK For (IOS)

Download the latest version of the app from our download page.

Open file manager and launch harvest-town-technifiser.com.apk.

If installing APK files for the first time, switch on the “Allow From This Source” tab in your device settings.

Follow the tips to complete installation.


This game features a large area, an engaging storyline, traditional 2D graphics, and cute characters. Harvest Town MOD APK won’t disappoint. For more mod games, keep visiting www.apkmamba.com.

Download Harvest Town Android

Download the harvest town mod apk now and start playing this fantastic game. You won’t be bored even for a second. Developers have continually improved and added new features to the game. Leave a comment below to tell me your thoughts about the game.

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