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Not to be misunderstood with Super Mario Kart Tour or Mario Tour.

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game from the Mario Kart series. Similar to Super Mario Run, it can be downloaded for free through both the App Store as well as Google Play. In contrast to Super Mario Run and similarly to Dr. Mario World, it is more heavily based on the microtransaction feature that is free to play that includes gacha features as objects that are launched from pipes. The game is based on many of the elements of Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8 in addition to as gameplay mechanics like sliding, underwater driving and special items that are specific to characters. Additionally it introduces aspects that are new in Mario Kart. Mario Kart franchise, such as reversed tracks as well as trick courses. the capability to utilize the majority of any item in races, including Spiny Shells and Bullet Bills.

The game was presented during a financial briefing on January 31st of 2018. 7 April of 2019, Nintendo released applications to take part in a closed beta testing of the game for Android players in North America and Japan, that started on May 22nd 2019 and concluded on June 4, 2019. The game was officially was released on iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices on September 25, 2019 in 163 countries that comprise nearly the same number of territories in Super Mario Run, with the exception from Belgium and Vietnam and Vietnam, the latter of which had banned the games with loot boxes in the year 2019 because of gambling laws. The players who registered prior to the launch purchased the game ahead of time. Contrary to earlier Mario mobile games the game requires the game requires a Nintendo Account is required for the game to play.

On October 31st on the 31st of October, 2019 Nintendo revealed the very first beta test for multiplayer exclusively for Gold Pass members,[10] which was launched at the end of December 18th, 2019 at 11:15 p.m. (PT) until concluded at the end of December 26th, 2019 at 9:00 p.m. (PT). On 21 January 2020, Nintendo announced the second beta test for multiplayer open to all players regardless of whether or not they are members of the Gold Pass subscription or not,[11that began at the 22nd of January, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. (PT) until January 28th, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. (PT). The second test of multiplayer let players play with others in their immediate surroundings according to their device’s location information. On the 2nd of March, 2020 Nintendo declared that multiplayer was going to be added to this game starting on March 8th, 2020 at 8:45 p.m. (PT). [12]

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS Gameplay

The objective for the player is finish first in the race at the end of each race , and achieve a high score through the use of items that are collected across Item Boxes. The game can be played either in a landscape or portrait orientation, and the phone’s touch controls can be utilized in the course of play for example, dragging the fingers across the display to control the car. The game has three different ways that the player can turn. If the phone supports its gyroscope, it may be utilized to guide. The user can select what the action starts when tapping and sliding their fingers across the top of the screen with the second action done by tapping the small circular button on the bottom of the screen and then sliding the fingers as needed. The default setting has the driver jump every when the screen is touched and allowing the kart to drift when sliding the fingers. In the alternative configuration, the kart doesn’t jump at the moment of tapping the screen which causes it steering as you slide the fingers over the screen. After a few minutes of steering it starts auto-drifting, charging Mini-Turbos and Super Mini-Turbos. But not Ultra Mini-Turbos, which are charged only when drifting. Similar as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with smart-steering and auto-accelerate the karts automatically accelerate and allow players to steer away from obstacles. The level of smart-steering’s intensity is adjustable through your game’s setting. If the smart-steering feature is disabled players will be able to use the majority of shortcuts without Mushrooms but at a slower speed.

The game’s mechanics are based off Mario Kart 7, and the majority of the courses (both retro and brand new) are back with Mario Kart Tour. Some aspects of Mario Kart 8 that required significant modifications to the game like ATVs, Bikes Anti-gravity, 12 player races are not present and the 200cc class remains. Other features that were present in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, such as smart-steering, auto-accelerate and Ultra Mini-Turbos are also back. Contrary to previous games the player is not able to personalize their tires.

If a race is finished when the race is over, the participant will be given with Grand Stars, experience points for the driver, kart and gliders whose base points aren’t exhausted and coins. If the participant places within the top three positions then the gauge that is used to get higher will be filled. However, in the event that the player finishes 5th or lower it will get emptied. If the gauge is empty, the player won’t be able to level down. Only points earned on the course are taken away, so the very first race on each course will not cause the participant to lose experience points, even the 8th place. Likewise each course is governed by an cap on experience points. The greater the number of experience points that have earned on a specific course, the less points will be awarded for being in the top three positions till the maximum cap has been reached. Then only the experience points that were lost because of being in the 5th position or less can be recovered if you are in the top three spots. All experience points earned during a course will never be reset and carried over onto the next tours and forces the player to go to new courses in order to keep earning experience points and moving up.

Grand Stars are awarded based on the point at which a threshold has been met. The points awarded to the driver and glider are awarded based on the position. The coins earned are the ones collected during the race, and an additional coin for every 1,000 points earned throughout the event. Each day, it’s possible to collect the equivalent of 450 Experience Points those who race karts, drivers and gliders. You can also earn the possibility of gaining up to 300 coin when running (900 experiences points, and 600 dollars if the user is enrolled in Gold Pass starting with version 2.4.0). Gold Pass starting with version 2.4.0). Once these limits are reached, the player will not be able to collect coins or experience points by racing until the following day. To continue to earn points for experience or collect coins, players can utilize point-boost ticket for the former and also use the game Coin Rush or get rewards through challenges. When you fill the gauge up to increase levels gives players a reward which increases the number of points earned upon achieving certain positions in the race. Additionally, once levels 7 or 12 is reached, it lets the player purchase additional items from the shop. At present, the highest amount of levels a player can achieve is 300.

Points of the Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS

Also: Mario Kart Tour race points system

Points are accumulated during normal races. They are utilized to obtain Grand Stars and to rank players both overall and in the ranked cups. There are three ways to earning points in races that are: the base point, bonuses points and positions points.

Points of base

Base points are awarded at the start of the race. They represent the sum of bases points for the glider, kart and character chosen. They can range from 800 points up to 2,800 points. The base points can be increased by experiences points that are earned after the races, or by purchasing point-boost tickets which provide 50 experience points per. Experience points can be used to fill the gauge, which when filled can increase base point until the desired is reached. The number of experience points required for filling the gauge rises each time the gauge is full. As of it’s the Cooking Tour, points-cap tickets are included in the game, which allows to boost the maximum amount of base points for drivers, karts, or glider.

Bonus points in Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS

Larry getting bonus points by jumping heave part of a combination

Bonus points are points that are awarded each time a certain occasion occurs in the course. This could be an event like a Jump Boost, gliding for some time or getting the lap completed in a particular place, hitting obstacles or other hazards or other hazards, or any other scenario. If another event occurs after about two seconds have been passed since the last the combo indicator will go up and the scores are multiplied. The amount of time that could be between the first incident and another one can be extended by selecting the glider with higher rank in the course, and by choosing the glider with a higher frequency, or by leveling the glider. The amount of points awarded is determined as follows:

Points = (base points for the event multiplier due to the kart’s tiering throughout the course, x multiplier due to the rarity of karts and level of skill) + bonus points + combo boosts and eventually an increase due to the kart’s special skill and eventually growth from the special skill of gliders

The calculation of the bonus combo is in the following manner:

Bonus Combo = multiplyer of glider’s tiering on the course min

In this calculation, 200cc can be considered to be equivalent to 150cc.

The bonus point boost is calculated in a separate manner to the rider, driver and glider selected which are located in the first stage of the course according to:

Bonus points increase = Base points multiplied by (skill level 1) (skill level – 1) [(cc of engine classes) + 30000]

In this scenario, as well 200cc will be considered to be identical to 150cc. In the event that more than 200 incidents occur this bonus point boost will not be applicable from the 201st date onwards.

Points of position

Points for position are awarded to the participant according to their position at the finish of race. They are calculated in the following manner:

Position points Position points [(position points based on the player’s level plus engine class bonus) multiplier for position+ bonus points increases for positions

A bonus points boost due to position will be determined separately by each driver, kart and glider selected to be in the top level of the course according to:

Bonus points for positions = base points (skill level – 1) x (skill stage – 1) the number of events that took place during the race. Position multiplier * [(cc for the class engine) (cc of the engine class) / 30000[(cc of the engine class)]

In all other instances 200cc is seen as being identical to 150cc.

Drivers in Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS

Main article list of drivers in Mario Kart Tour

Check out: Mario Kart Tour in-game stats

The current count is 144 characters that can be played (145 in the case of Gold Mario which is featured only when playing in Coin Rush mode) in Mario Kart Tour, the largest number of characters playable in an Mario game. Some notable new characters for the franchise are Peachette, Pauline, Hammer Bro, Boomerang Bro, Fire Bro Ice Bro Monty Mole, Dixie Kong Captain Toad Nabbit King Bob-omb Kamek along with Chargin’ Chuck, with Kamek and Hammer Bro available at first since having been considered , but discarded in Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart Wii respectively. Certain characters also return after long absences in the franchise, including Diddy Kong Funky Kong, and Birdo which were last played during Mario Kart Wii, and Donkey Kong Jr. The latter was the last character to be played on Super Mario Kart. At present, there are 4 Mario characters from earlier Mario Kart games that are not playable which include Paratroopa as well as Petey Piranha from Mario Kart: Double Dash and Double Dash along with Wiggler along with Honey Queen from Mario Kart 7.

Miis Miis, which were available in the previous Mario Kart games, return in the Mii Tour. Much like Mario Kart 8, they are outfitted with customizable racing suits with the traditional red racing suit , as well as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Rosalina, and Donkey Kong amiibo racing suits that were previously featured in the game. Silver, bronze as well as gold suits have also been added. Each race suit Mii comes with its own unique feature.

After launching the game the first time when the game is launched, the player will be provided with the option of Toad and Toadette. After the tutorial, players get an unrestricted pipe launch that gives the player either Peachette, Metal Mario, or Dry Bowser. Contrary to the others Mario Kart games, characters are sorted according to their rarity. There are three levels of rarity which are: Super, Normal and High-End. Although the normal drivers are usually simpler to acquire through tour packages, pipes or from the shops Rarer drivers come with more base points, better chance of activating Frenzy mode and have more popular and preferred courses. If a driver is used at a course that they like or are a fan of you can get up to three items at once via Item Boxes.

Karts, gliders and tires

The main article is a list of Karts within the Mario Kart Tour

Main article The list of gliders used included in Mario Kart Tour

Main article: Tire#Mario Kart Tour

There are currently the number of 203 Karts (204 in the case of those that include the Gold Standard, which appears only when playing in Coin Rush mode) and 150 gliders in Mario Kart Tour, the highest number ever in a Mario Kart game. A number of karts and gliders are returned from previous games, but new ones are also included alongside variations of the ones that are already in use; they share the same game model, however they differ by texture and are placed in the internal files. Similar to drivers, karts and gliders are classified into three levels in rarity, namely Normal Super and High-End. Each glider and kart has their own unique skill that confers specific advantages during races. Karts provide points when performing specific techniques, while gliders boost the odds of getting a specific product from Item Boxes and the points earned by the use of that item. Every kart and glider has its own favorite and most-loved courses. the use of a kart or a glider on these courses can increase the bonus points multiplier or combo bonus, and combo-time.

Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS Items


Based on the driver selected and the course they’re used on, players can collect up to three items at a time. If the player receives three items of the same type and activates the brand new Frenzy Mode that will immediately begin to activate Super Star power, and can charge all Mini-Turbo stages more quickly and have unlimited supply of the specific item until invincibility is exhausted. Every item is able to appear in Frenzy Mode however, with the exception of the Star that is only available to specific bonus challenges.

The likelihood of experiencing the Frenzy is contingent on the current lap and position and also on the driver selected. Particularly the current location and lap are used to determine a base probability, which is then added to give a bonus based on the rarity and degree of the driver selected. The resultant probability is set by 50% regardless of whether the total is greater than said.

Item Box items of Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS

The items function largely similar to previous installments of the series. As in Mario Kart: Double Dash! Each player has their very own unique item that other characters are unable to obtain. If drivers are upgraded to specific levels, they are able to acquire enhanced special items like Normal drivers up to 7 levels, Super Drivers up to 5 or more and High-End drivers up to the level of 4 or more.

The game introduces ten brand new objects to the game that include the Double Bob-ombs and the Ice Flower, the Bubble and the Banana Barrels, the Mushroom Cannon as well as the Coin Box, the Dash Ring and the Bob-omb Cannon Giga Bob-omb, and the Super Bell, all of that are exclusive items for characters. A number of items that were absent from previous entries in the series are present in this game, like Bowser’s Shell Yoshi’s Egg/Birdo’s Egg and the Giant Banana, the Heart along with the massive Mushroom that was featured in Mario Kart Wii; the previously mentioned four (from Mario Kart: Double Dash Mario Kart: Double Dash) are all exclusive items, and the last one is a standard item. Furthermore the Hammer item is a part of The Mario Kart Arcade GP series is featured to the first-time in an game that is not an arcade Mario Kart game as a special item, although its purpose is distinct. It is also the Lucky Seven and Super Leaf are both removed during Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as well, is featured in this game, as special items.

The probabilities that are used in single player mode that are not part of Frenzies are presented. There is a possibility that the initial items of the races have different probabilities. The likelihood of items that are common can be improved through the use of gliders with specific item skills. The probability of the item is calculated by multiplying (item probability plus the glider bonus)/(sum of all probabilities for the items eligible for use) In the event that there is no item available then it is a Coin is instead obtained.

Differentialities in the power-saving mode

Like in Mario Kart: Double Dash! ! Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 8, there are certain minor and major differences in the menus and race tracks when you set the game in “power-saving” mode, to keep the performance of the device (in older models of phones that are supported) and reduce battery consumption.

General differences in Mario Kart Tour Mod APK For IOS

  • Opponents are not equipped with animations or emit voices.
  • The minimap doesn’t appear in races.
  • The drivers’ models have poor quality textures.
  • The texture of course is less detailed.
  • The sound effect produced by the passing Dash Rings is present only when they are activated by the user.
  • There are no Shy Guys, Yoshis, and Toads which are typically located along the sides of many courses are not present however they can be heard.
  • The screen is smaller in resolution, which results in slightly pixelated images.

Differentialities based on the course

  • The game’s titles include SNES Ghost Valley 1, DS Luigi’s Mansion and RMX Ghost Valley 1 In both games, the ornamental Boos that are in the course’s sky are not present.
  • For SNES Choco Island 1, SNES Choco Island 2, GBA Sunset Wilds, DS Luigi’s Mansion, RMX Choco Island 1 and RMX Choco Island 2, the glare of the mud is not present.
  • The the N64 Kalimari Desert and N64 Kalimari Desert 2 the sand-colored wind that typically blows through the deserts is not present.
  • Within DS DK Pass, N64 Frappe Snowland, SNES Vanilla Lake 1, Merry Mountain, RMX Vanilla Lake 1 and SNES Vanilla Lake 2, the snow that falls isn’t there.
  • Within 3DS Neo Bowser City The rain is not present which leads to the loss from the rain’s ground as well as screen effects.
  • The game DS Waluigi Pinball, the sound that plays when you leave the table for pinball is not heard.
  • On Wii Maple Treeway, the flowers on the water as well as the falling leaves are not present.
  • The game 3DS Bowser’s Castle, you can see that the volcano that is visible in the background isn’t there.
  • The game Wii Mushroom Gorge, the tiny glowing particles inside the cave aren’t present.

Differentialities from earlier Mario Kart games

It’s the first ever and sole Mario Kart game where every player must be technically unlocked, and in which there isn’t a predetermined beginning roster.

The number of racers in each race has been reverted to eight, just like in every mainline game until Mario Kart DS and in Mario Kart 7.

In addition to 3DS Rainbow Road, one of the courses that are sectioned within the games, each race consists of two laps, not the standard three laps.

Gliders, drivers and karts can be leveled.

The music plays from where it left off after the final lap’s fanfare instead of resuming as the previous games.

On the final lap, music’s pitch is raised by four semitones and not one. When playing Merry Mountain, the music’s pitch is raised by 5 semitones.

The one exception to both of these is 3DS Rainbow Road, which is a remix of the final lap music taken from Mario Kart 7 and always starts at the beginning of the song.

The Lakitu referee doesn’t appear at the start of races, nor throughout the races.

Beginning from beginning New Year’s 2021 tour, the Lakitu referee dressed in festive attire will be an able-to-play driver known as Lakitu (Party Time). [26]

Stars cannot be obtained from normal items in single player multiplayer mode with items frenzies causing similar results. In multiplayer, stars appear from rulesets with item boxes with less than three item slots (as they aren’t available in frenzies).

The first time in Super Mario Kart, Triple Red Shells aren’t present. This is probably because using multiple items (such such as Triple Mushrooms or the Lucky 7) sends out the entire collection in one go, which can not be a good idea for items that lock to the next racer.

The initial Mario Kart game since Mario Kart: Super Circuit to include numbered courses (e.g. Tokyo Blur 3) and the first Mario Kart game to feature numbers for old courses (e.g. N64 Kalimari Desert 2).

In contrast to the earlier games, these numbered courses are located on the same location, but utilize a different course layout The beginning line is located in the same spot (except in the event of Los Angeles Laps 3, which has the starting line at a different position as compared with Los Angeles Laps), however, the courses separate from each other and are separated by distinct routes.

The courses that are remixed have numerals in their names, too however, in this case when the number changes , the layout of the map changes too.

The first time in a while in the history of Mario Kart: Super Circuit the Golden Mushroom is not present since it has been removed in it’s Mushroom frenzy.

Multiple items may be received from one box.

As of now, there aren’t any classic tracks in Mario Kart 8 in this game, which is only the second Mario Kart title since Mario Kart: Super Circuit to include classic tracks, however, there isn’t a minimum of one from each prior Mario Kart game.

Because of the absence of anti-gravity features in Mario Kart Tour it is possible that only few of the courses in Mario Kart 8 would be capable of being included (in particularly, Toad Harbor, Bone-Dry Dunes as well as Super Bell Subway are the only Mario-related courses that don’t contain mandatory anti-gravity areas). In spite of this, GCN Yoshi Circuit and N64 Royal Raceway retain their general layout and design in the Mario Kart 8 iterations.

It’s the sole Mario Kart game so far without an original course that was designed by Bowser’s Castle.

It was the very first Mario Kart game to lack the animations and themes that are lost following races. If a racer finishes 5th or lower the theme that was played for those who finish between 2nd and 4th will play, and there will be no animated images of the racers will be displayed. However, voices for the majority of the characters are available within the game’s file.

It is the first, and the only one in this series that uses exclusively American English as the American English localization for courses including gliders, karts and karts instead of different names for the British or American English versions.

The one exception to this rule could be that of the B Dasher Mk. 2. It is a British English name as opposed to its American English name, which is called the Sprinter.

Karts that had originally moved elements (not not counting the tires) like those with tentacles, like the Super Blooper and the blower on the Flame Flyer, no longer are able to move.

The phrase “Ouch!” is displayed when an opponent strikes the player.


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