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Prison Escape Mod Apk Version 1.1.6 Edition Game includes Infinite Diamonds/Money/Pride and Life Also | Download Now
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Words Mobile
18 June 2022
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prison escape mod apk is about a prison escape boss. You are a prisoner facing the death penalty. You have a very short time left to find the perfect escape plan and implement it yourself in order to escape and get justice.

This is a very rare topic in games. It is likely that there are many political reasons. Its difficult enough to do it well, but it is likely that it is because it is too hard. It is also difficult to draw players when the scene is dull with four walls of prisons. You can’t change your weapon or dress up like in other fighting games. You will only be wearing a prisoner’s shirt, and you can fight with your naked hands or homemade weapons in such games. This is because it’s not a straightforward duel. It’s also a psychological battle that requires planning and anticipating all the possible dangers. This is not something any game developer can do, and it’s not what every player will be attracted to.

Before making this game, there were many ideological battles. You can make the game popular but not too easy or you can be picky and unique. We have Prison Escape thanks to the fact that they chose the second part.

Information About Prison Escape Mod Apk

App NamePrison Escape MOD APK 2022
Latest Version1.1.6
Size25 MB
Developed ByWords Mobile
Requirement4.1 and Up
Worldwide Downloads50 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlimited Resources, MOD Unlocked

Sound and graphics

Prison Escape employs a very good 3D animation system. My impressions of some hand-to–hand combat or the environment interfacing phases are two words: realistic and accurate. We all know this. It is boring to play a simulator game that has too few actions. Prison Escape is disappointing, starting with the simple action phases and ending up more complicated.The cell is only surrounded by the gloomy, dark space. The people only have two types clothes. The prison guard clothes and the prison clothes are different. The character creation is excellent, each person has their own features, and they have good expressions. This increases the excitement of the game.

Prison Escape’s virtual reality can also be enhanced by the ragdoll effect, which is fully used throughout the game. He falls when he is hit and knocked down by the opponent. This is surprisingly realistic. Even if you only have one hand, you’ll still feel satisfied.


download prison escape mod apk is a series of action-packed fight scenes that feature third-person characters. Hand-to-hand combat is what you want, but there are also stealth attacks. To resist or attack, you can use homemade rudimentary weapons such as knives, sticks, and batons …).It is very interesting that the main character, a meddler, is actually a prisoner. He has a lot to do in the game. He protests the abuse of prison guards and bullies prisoners… If he is determined to escape, he can find out many details. These details can be very helpful in escaping. You can avoid the guard’s gaze to sneak into dark corners, or run through the line to get from one cell to the next.

Prison Escape Mod Apk

Each job is composed of multiple tasks that are logically linked to one another. It amazes me how smoothly tasks can be merged. It doesn’t make it difficult or disjointed. But, I always feel like everything is connected. There are many developments in the prison escape plan of the guy.You will interact with the characters and the surrounding environment throughout the game. This includes killing bullies in prison to earn respect from other prisoners, or digging a tunnel to escape prison using rough tools.Prison Escape is a complex mix of actions, missions, and communication methods that makes it difficult to identify a single genre. It is an action game because it features many hand-to–hand combat scenes and sneak attacks. It can also be called a survival simulator because you must do many things with little to gain what you desire. The most important thing is to stay alive as long as possible. It can also be called adventure role-playing. You will be playing the role of a man who plans to escape prison. There are many traps that you will have to overcome.

Escape to freedom

This is the final part of the game worth playing. Once you have completed the final level, and are still not earning money, it is a good idea to immediately go to the market and purchase more credits. This will allow you to complete the level as quickly as possible. Credit is split equally among all characters. You should focus on getting more credits to increase your leveling up. This is crucial if you want the final level. You can create your own videos if you have completed the jailbreak mod. These videos can be posted on YouTube, or sent to other members of your group. The jailbreak mod will make your video available to everyone. You have two options to help spread the word about jailbreak. You can either send them the link to this page, or post it on your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace profiles.

Some Interesting Features

The game has many different features. The game is very addictive and you will never feel bored. You will never get tired of playing the game. Let’s also discuss the key features of prison escape hack below: Also Amazing Features WRobots MOD

Use your intuition to play

This game’s gameplay is both exciting and interesting. You play the role of a prisoner in the first scene. All prisoners must be interacted with and you have to build good relationships. You will encounter some bullies and rascals in the game. They will always try to hurt you. In different ways. However, you must teach a lesson to get respect.

Fight with Bosses

The jail break apk has a lot of gang bosses. They will always try to kill you. You must join the fight and clear their prison. Be alert. There are many guards. You could face severe punishment if you are caught during a fight. You can occupy them, but you should always wait for a call from another companion.

Use Different Weapons

You can now use different weapons within the game. And You start out with nothing. You can use weapons to kill bosses or bully prisoners and You can use AKM and M16 rifles. You can quickly kill the enemy and escape prison.

Mission and Tasks

The game has many different missions and tasks. Complete missions. In survival mode, the ragdoll effect is visible. This mission looks challenging but beautiful, with many sequences. There are more than 30 missions waiting for you. Get the prison break file from our website.

High-Quality Graphics and Other Special Features

This game has high-quality and ultra-high definition graphics. They are beautiful and very pretty. You will be amazed at the 3D graphics. All views are amazing and vibrant. It seems very real. The latest break the prison mod apk  has a great sound quality.

Benefits Of Prison Escape Mod Apk

Prison Escape Mod is an amazing action game that combines intuitive gameplay with a compelling story. You may have some difficulties with the game at first. You might also enjoy Brothers in Arms Mod Apk. Listed below are mod features for the prison escape game:

  • Unlimited money for you to purchase the items of your choice
  • Unlimited access to multiple weapons
  • Access unique maps for free
  • You can unlock different levels at once
  • Experience ad-free
  • Interface without bugs

Playing Tips of Prison Escape Mod APK

For beginners, prison escape mod apk can be a bit challenging to use. We at tried to make it easier by offering pro tips and guidelines.

  • To complete group tasks, join the clans
  • Prioritize your challenges
  • Continue to work and don’t quit until you finish the task
  • Participate in the events
  • Upgrade your stuff wisely

How do I install Prison Escape MOD APK for Android?

First, delete any previous versions of this game from your device. Next, open settings and click security. Finally, click Enable the Unknown Sources to allow installation to continue.

  • It is easy to download the mod APK file. These are the steps required to install this app on Android.
  • To download, click on the button below.
  • Wait for the download to complete, then you can open it.
  • Install the app on your Android device.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • After it has been installed properly, you can start the app and take advantage of all its amazing features.

Prison Escape Reviews

Shreya Singh: It’s a fascinating game. All levels were completed. It’s also very difficult. It’s a prison. He was also the victim of several murders And He finds the killer in this game. He is part of a team, and the antagonist is the main character. After so many levels, he doesn’t know much about it. The first level is quite easy. The game ends after a few levels. There are many obstacles, such as prisoner, cctv and police guards.

Helen Owen

This was a game that I played to fix my car. It’s a great game. It’s for you, dear and beautiful. I love this photo of how I interact with the city and my two rides. I don’t know how they sleep haha. It’s funny. I just wanted to make sure that I sent it to your dear friend. It will take me a while, but then I’ll let you know when I can meet up at the office. Amazing pictures of you and the game. You are amazing! I’m very happy with your service, whether you are at my home or not.

Why is the MOD Version not available on Google Play?

Google Play Store has millions of apps and games. To be listed, apps must follow certain guidelines set by Google. Prison Escape MOD APK does not meet the requirements of Google as the Google Play Store does not offer the premium or modded version of any app. This is why the game isn’t available on the Google Play Store.


All information about the no one escape mod apk has been provided. The mod version of the app is what we are sharing with you. This mod will give you access to all the top-class features of the app for no additional cost. Enjoy a unique experience by unlocking all the gear. We are here to help you if you have any questions or need any assistance. We appreciate your understanding.

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Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.



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