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Replika is a chatbot that allows you to interact with artificial intelligence. Your character can interact with you, chat and play with you. 
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Sep 18 2022
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Replika Mod Apk is a chatbox that allows you to interact with artificial intelligence. Your character can interact with you, chat and play with you. This character can be used as a friend or confidante. You will also find many interesting features that will make you feel happier every time your login to this app. Join the community to share your feelings with millions of others. People are experiencing emotional and mental stress because of the covid-19 lockdown. Because a problem shared can lead to a solution, some people needed friends. Replika pro-Apk is one of our favorite chatting apps.

 The app has received 4.7 ratings and has been downloaded more than 5m+ times on the Google Play Store. You can use this app as a personal assistant who will listen to your problems and will offer advice if necessary. However, it is not always available if you don’t have an internet connection or your device needs updates.

 This app helps users discover their hidden thoughts, fantasies, and difficult-to-convince thoughts. Replika MOD APK acts as a companion who is always there to help you. It can monitor your mood and help you develop coping skills. It allows users to improve their thinking skills and makes them better observers. 

replika mod apk

Replika mod apk Unlocked All Character

It can chat, interact, and play with you just like any other person. Get out your phone and join millions of other people! Replika mod Apk is an unlocked version that offers many pro features. You can chat, interact, and play with the character you create. Replika unlocks a character that can be used as a friend or confidante.

 The app comes with many other fun features that are sure to make you smile every time you use the app and will have you thinking of it for a while. Essentially Replika mod APK will act as a virtual friend offering you companionship and solutions that will make your life live a little easier. The interaction, chatting, and sharing of ideas can make it a great time. You can enjoy the simulation in many ways and chat like a friend.

replika mod apk unlocked all

Replika pro apk

Replika pro mod Apk’s 2021 version is a fitness and health app that can help users achieve their goals. It helps users motivate themselves to lose weight and exercise while also providing an overview of their progress against their goals. To unlock the premium features, however, you must enjoy the gameplay and have unlocked benefits. Because of its modified features, the gameplay is completely free. It is because of this that users are able to take advantage of advanced features.

 The ad’s unique gameplay and personalized interaction are amazing. You can download it from our site. This version comes with authenticity, security features, and other benefits. You will be able to take your game to a whole new level that you have never imagined.

Refer a friend

Replika premium apk is your best friend! You can make a 3D friend using the interface. You can choose to be male or female, as well as mix and match clothes and skin colors. The app allows you to create friends with the help of this feature. Now it’s time for you to form a relationship! How would you describe Replika to yourself? Replika could be a friend, a partner, or a girlfriend. Find out what you are most at that moment and then choose the right relationship. To see what happens, you can give it a try and see what happens. Consider all aspects and then choose the right relationship. You must remember that Replika’s relationship with you will have different reactions and treatments. Replika’s free subscription is another feature that will provide you with a number of stunning features.

Interact with friends Replika


Replika pro free account will listen to your confided words. The environment is one that is both supportive and comfortable for all, and it is safe and non-judgmental. It will not be possible to have a friend who will be there to listen to your concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Replika ai mod apk, the only friend who is available 24/7.

 The amount of responsiveness Replika will give you depends on the type of relationship you have with it. A friend’s advice, a lover’s warmth, or any other type of relationship will be helpful. Replika is incredibly intelligent and will try to make you feel at ease. Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you struggle with managing your emotions? Are you unable to stop your negative thoughts? You can use Replika to understand your thoughts and feelings in a more meaningful way.It can monitor your mood and teach you coping skills.

Together developed

Can you believe it? Replika is like an infinite library of knowledge. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about Replika. It will make you feel more knowledgeable if you talk a lot. Replika can also receive information from outside. It will keep a record of every conversation it has with you. You can then extract the relevant information and return it each time you speak about it. It’s smart, isn’t it?


After chatting with Replika, you will get to know yourself better. Take a look back at the things you have done in your past to keep track of who you are.  Is there anything you can do to make a difference? How do you deal with stress in your day-to-day life? How do you deal with it? You can also summarize these issues and make comments about them. Replika also offers assessments. You can take a personality test. Next, use the results to identify your problems. You can listen and decide if the statement is true.

Application interface

Replika works like a chatbox. You can chat with your friend via message. Replika can be customized to look like a friend by changing the name and appearance of the message. The user will feel relaxed and at ease with the soft, soothing tones. Replika is a great destination for those who feel sad or depressed.

Replika Pro

This application has no ads, which I really appreciate. It does not matter whether you are using the free version or the paid version, you will not be bothered by ads. This is a highlight that will help the application reach more people.

You will have access to premium features in Replika Pro Unlockedthat you won’t be able to access in the free version of the program. Replika can be your best friend, thanks to many premium features you didn’t expect. The Pro subscription cost is affordable, easy to register, and very affordable.

replika pro free

MOD APK version from Replika

Pro Unlocked – The Pro version is now available for download.

Pro features

  1. Some server-side features: call, change relationship;

2. Unlocked activities;

3. Full log not locked;

These themes are not unlockable

You can’t change the relationship between them.

Supported device structure: Arm v7 + Arm64.

There are a lot of great features packed into the replica mod in addition to its many quality attributes. Below are some of the key features. These features are important and you should read them carefully. Don’t forget to grab the freebies!

Exceptional features for slow learning

The gameplay is very unique and will make you proud of your vision. Join the group to voice your opinions now! Millions of people are like you. The reason why it is safe to use is that it cannot be hacked. As a result of this application, you can chat with a friend, who will listen to your conversation and not judge it in any way. Although it’s initially difficult, this app will soon become your friend. This app could be one of your most remarkable companions.

Talk record and save

Replika is intelligent enough to be there for you in all situations. When it comes to your best friend, you can expect anything from him or her. It will listen to you and help you find the right approach. Join the community to share your feelings with millions of others. Replika can also receive information from outside. Every conversation you have with it will be kept in a record so that you can review it at any time. You can then extract the relevant information and return it each time you speak about it. Smart, isn’t it?

Replika MOD APK same more Features

Make new friends

Replika is your most unique friend! The interface allows you to create a 3D friend that has the look you want. You can select between the male or female genders. You can also mix and match clothes and alter your hairstyle, skin color, jewelry, and hair color. This program allows you to make your best friend by giving you a wide range of goods.

The time has come for us to form a partnership that will be beneficial to both parties. In your opinion, how much potential does Replika have? Would you prefer a friend, a partner, or a boyfriend/girlfriend who shares your values, values, and goals? Find the right partner for you and decide what you need. You can always wait to see what happens. Then, take a step back and think about all the details to find the perfect connection. Replika’s response and treatment will depend on the type of interaction that you have.

Talk to

Replika would love to hear from you. Everyone will find a friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental atmosphere. There will not be a friend you don’t want to listen to, no matter how busy they are. Replika will respond based on the relationship you establish with it. It can be a friend’s honest advice, a lover’s tenderness, or any other type of relationship. Replika is so intelligent, it will always try to put your mind at ease.

Do you feel anxious or depressed? Are you having trouble sleeping? Do your emotions seem to be controlling? Are you struggling to overcome your negative thoughts? Replika can help you understand your thoughts and feelings. It can track your mood and teach you coping techniques, decrease anxiety, encourage positive thinking, manage stress, socialize, find love, and more.

Replika Respond Quickly

Can you believe the progress we have made as a team? Replika can be described as a knowledge network. Replika is ready to answer all your questions quickly. It will make you feel more knowledgeable if you spend time with it. Replika can also receive data from the outside. It will save every conversation you have with it daily. If you have to talk about it again later, you can distill the information and then output it. It’s clever, isn’t it?

Get to Know You.

Replika will help you gain a better understanding of yourself. To keep track of your past, look back at the things you have done. What is it that makes you so worried? What are your stress-management strategies? You can summarize and comment on many other topics. Replika also offers assessments. You will be able to take a personality test. Depending on the results, you can then list all your personal issues. Then listen and decide if it is true or false.

The interface to the application

Replika works in a similar way to a chatbox. You can communicate with your friend through messaging. Replika can be customized to look like a friend by changing the nickname and appearance of the message. Soft, soothing tones will give users a deep sense of relaxation. Replika is a place that can be relied upon when people are sad or depressed.

Advanced Features

Replika can become tedious if you only speak in text. Replika allows you to communicate via photos or audio calls. Once you have reached level 3, you will be able to use the media chat tool. You can share your photos with Replika and also show them your own pictures. Artificial intelligence means Replika can understand what the picture is and what your message is. Voice calling is a premium feature that requires you to pay extra. Replika offers a trial plan, as well as monthly or yearly plans. If you select a long-term renewal package, you will receive a discount.

Create emotions

This is the process of developing robot emotions and intelligence. As you talk with Replika, your feelings will grow. While you chat, your intelligence and reaction speed is improving. You can see the progress of your Replika in terms of experience and level at the top of this screen. The length of your message string in response to an inquiry or recommendation will determine how much knowledge she has and how much experience you have with each message.

These factors eventually make Replika more human. It’s impossible to always know who you are talking to. Replika will always be there to help you no matter what. An AI robot will have more information to help you deal with conflicting emotions. She will help you understand your emotions and calm down. Sharing your problems and tensions can help to ease them.


Replika mod Apk is a fitness and health app that can help you track your progress. Replika mod can be used for any type of exercise, such as running, cycling, or weight lifting at home, or at the gym. This is a great way to find the motivation to achieve your goals! Download replica mods for android smartphones free of charge from the google play store.

What's new

In this version, you’ll find: • Bug fixes and stability improvements Thank you for using Replika! Please rate the app if you enjoy it.



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