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The Action Game of Android Robot Warfare Mod Apk Version 0.4.0 Includes Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Robots | Download it
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Introduction Of The Game

Robot Warfare Mod Apk – a breathtaking online multiplayer shooter by the true masters of the genre. Create your own storage of robots that have unique abilities as well as weapons. Take on your adversaries in thrilling 6v6 combat!

  • 25, plus distinctive robotics HTML2:Big amount of robots sporting unique abilities. Take a leap on the structures and move from cowl to cowl cover yourself in shields or sneak into enemies’ lines in complete blindness – you can play the way you’ve always wanted to! Additionally, you’ll get a lot of robots for free just by advancing your level!
  • Check out at-drivesDistinctive choice to try to drive the most current high-end robots. Find the best robots completely free of cost! Rent the robot you want to improve it and fight in fights. After a couple of fights, the robot becomes yours forever!
  • Drones: Distinctive drone helpers preventing beside you! Set up your drone in conjunction with your favorite weapon to increase your weaponry!
  • Pilots: Capability to use more than 10 robots at once in a fight! There is no need to choose which of your favorites you will use in battle, you should use every one of them!
  • Improve the system: Particularly make improvements to the system used in your weapons and robots.
  • Great HD images: HD Graphics: Superior visuals, including amazing robots with a great design and fantastic maps!
App NameRobot Warfare
Size50 MB
Requirements 5.0 and up
Released On August 2018

The Gameplay Robot Warfare Mod Apk

Robot Warfare: Mech Battle mod apk unlimited money features a 6-v6 Battle. You’ll join other players online to fight hostile robots on a battleground. The winner or losers are decided when the forces of either side are defeated. There are two choices of the angle you can control the battle, the first and third. By using the third viewpoint it is possible to take on a larger area. But, with one perspective you will focus on eliminating an opponent.

Whatever the angle of view no matter the angle, virtual keys control the fixed display. On the left side you will find the navigation D-pad and on the right are buttons for function, which include zoom, fire, jump, lock and a few defensive skills. You’ll need to mix these with your teammates and other elements on the map to develop your plan of attack.

Experiences after The Robot Warfare Mod Apk

In addition to the full-featured games, you are able to download additional APK files for robot warfare and apply your personal strategies to the exciting games. You can buy unlimited ammo and shells in order to guarantee the destruction of enemies.

Unlimited ammo and shells are accessible on the Google Play Store. You can buy unlimited ammo and shells through the Google Play Store and ensure victory for you and your robots during the game.

In conclusion, to conclude, we can affirm that Google has changed the way entertainment is played by offering Android games like Robot Warfare. It is among the most popular Google Play Games. It is possible to download this Google Play Store version of Robot warfare APK for free download from the Google Play Store on the Google Android site. Go to this page on the Google Android site to download the latest version of the robotic warfare APK to play the exciting game on the move.

Features Explanation

In any game, the features play a significant role. In the same way, understanding these features will aid you in your game. The process of assembling your own garage of robots is much easier. In fact, you can build them using different abilities and weapons. And this game, you will be able to defeat the battles in thrilling 6v6 combat. In addition, downloading the most recent version of Robot Warfare Mod APK is equally simple. You will earn a lot of dollars. In addition, there are no ads to disturb you while playing.

Robot Collection

In the robot warfare mod app’s latest version, you can find 10 kinds of robots available on display and 15 kinds of special robots available in the shop. You can pay for gold for purchase and take them on the battlefield.

These robots are much more robust than the standard robots offered by the software. Each one has unique abilities, and higher base stats for speed, HP, and distance to fly. For instance, Spirit has the ability to accelerate 100 percent in 10 seconds. Tiger and Echo were able to speed up and go further. The robots that are specially designed for the store come with more capabilities and come with shields of energy. For instance, Yamabushi can dash fast and charge faster, all of which remain invisible when firing. Payback speeds up to 10 seconds, switches weapons for combat, and also activates all weapons within the time frame of a certain amount.

25+ strong weapons Original robots, 25+ powerful weapons

In a real-time match, the players will be given the option of choosing among 25 unique robots. Each one has distinct capabilities that are extremely useful in fighting such as jumping over structures, moving from cover to cover concealing behind shields, or penetrating the enemy’s lines of attack in complete invisibility. Select the right style and communicate with your team members to plan your strategy. Alongside choosing an advanced robot as well as a player, An has an arsenal that includes more than 20 types of equipment to improve your strength in every situation and in various maps. In addition, you can use an instrument to boost your strength in the fight against Drones. They can be an effective tool to explore the map more thoroughly. These vehicles also come equipped with weapons, so when you have a friend who has it, fighting with you, it will boost the firepower of your opponent. Another method to boost the power of your robot is to continuously enhance your robot in order to gain statistics. Within those 20 components, it is possible to be modified by combining and improving. Test drives are a great method to test your skills with the latest top robots. They won’t need to spend a lot to unlock them, but by paying a few dollars to lease. After a few rounds and you’ll have enough to fully unlock them. This is a mode of play that allows players to enjoy and have a thrilling experience playing their characters.


Robot warfare cheats aren’t just different in their capabilities and appearance. They also differ in their construction and the layout of the weapon on the body. Both of these aspects will gradually alter as you upgrade. It is possible to upgrade the overall system to improve your stats or upgrade weapons systems in order to boost combat capabilities.

Weapons are available in a variety of styles, some of that shoot ammo from conventional guns such as Dragonfly, Hummer, and Wasp. Other shoot boss ammo as well as rockets, such as Botfly, Ghost, Hound, and Touch. But, they’re activated and use the same method of operation. Additionally, the damage, reload speed and aiming distance differs for both the basic and upgraded.


In the mod for robot warfare menu, the equipment of the robot is only one type which is the weapon I’ve created. Each robot is able to be built using two (conventional robots) as well as 3 or 4 guns. Additionally, players are able to buy additional weapons with Drone Weapons. But, you’ll need to purchase premium currency in order for these weapons.


In a game hacking robot, pilots are those who control robots. As a default, you’re a pilot, which means that you’ve got one of your robots fighting. When the robot is defeated and you are left to be a spectator of the other robots take on the fight, or even leave the arena. But, if you’ve got a greater number of pilots will have more chances to fight, as the robot is brought from your factory to the field.

You can be able to have up to 10 pilots. But, you’ll have to shell out a significant amount of gold.


robot warfare online has real-time 3D graphics and a futuristic technology setting. Massive robots, huge battlefields brimming with smoke and fire. It is a complete immersion into the scene and in the fierce combat. The game’s creator has taken care to handle the physical movement and collisions with great detail to create a sense of real-world authenticity to the gameplay.

PVP Battle

The application is centered around the robot fighting 3D PvP FPS game. It’s accessible on both mobile phones. You can, for instance, download it for iOS and Android. It allows you to make use of the most recent technology. The various robots will keep you occupied. They will eventually turn into real. You can enjoy it with your friends and family.

The Robot game is a game that has the possibility of multiplayer games. In the event of fighting with your adversaries, you could beat them. Additionally, gamers will be enthralled by this game. The fight games are always thrilling. Its 3D graphics are appealing. The developers have tried their efforts into providing stunning perspectives.

Unlocked app 2021 is fully unlocked

The tale of Robot Wars games is set in the year 2440. In this tale, the Earth has been destroyed completely by the creatures called robots. Only those who are blessed with supernatural abilities, such as youngsters and the elderly can manage robots and defend the human race.

The story is about players controlling different species of robots, and battling in an epic battle. The winner is awarded by receiving the shining image of the robotic, which is regarded as an indication of winning in the game.

Android devices are compatible with several operating systems. This allows different makers to design games to match the distinctive characteristics of each device. If you have an Android device you can play Robot Warfare. There are a lot of features on android devices that let players enjoy the game.

Mod Features

The most significant feature in the android phone includes The Robot Weapons. These weapons allow gamers to take on robots as well as to safeguard the lives of humans. To use these weapons simply switch on the android mode. The Android Robot Warfare APK includes all of the weapons listed, including the plasma shot and plasma mortar, as well as a mini tank, plasma cannon as well as a hit tracking device.

The robots’ special abilities provide them with an advantage in combat. You are able to modify your unit according to your preferences and succeed during the competition. Robots’ unique capabilities let players upgrade both their strength and health. To get more advanced strategies, you can download the robot warfare app that lets the player design their strategies in accordance with the diverse abilities of robots as well as the enemies on the battlefield.

There are numerous things available on the Google Play Store, which lets you play the mod-based Android game Robot Warfare. Google has offered a range of features on Android devices that allow players to play the game.

In addition to having the complete version of Robot Wars, there is an alternative version that is free that includes the Mod. If you are not a fan of the full-featured Version of the Robot Wars APK and you want to play for free, then you can always download the no-cost robot warfare APK that comes with similar features.

The Feature of Robot Warfare Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Features
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Everything

MOD features

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Gold and cash that is unlimited

Quality of the Music Playback

The game is powered by HTC Evo because it has multiplayer support. In addition, it allows players to connect with other players. Additionally, users is able to jump right into their next match. The variety of weapons lets players diversify their arsenal. You can be the one to design your personalized map from scratch. It also lets you create many different maps.

The application is unlocked until 2021

The story revolves around the year 2440. The Story uses creatures called robots. People who have special abilities like elders and youngsters, can manipulate robots. Additionally, it protects humans as well.

Whats New?

  • Optimized for better performance
  • Fixed turning made by Legioner when shields protect them
  • Fixed pop-ups that appeared during the battle
  • Fixed getting combat missions into combat
  • Sensitivity was adjusted in the Approach mode
  • Scrolling fixed for chests

download robot Warfare Mod APK Unlimited Gold and Silver 2022

Downloading the robot war mod apk with unlimited gold and money is easy and is free of charge. There are specific steps you must be following:

  • Click the button below.
  • The file will take a while to download before opening it.
  • Install the episode mod Apk onto the device you are using Android device.
  • Follow the directions in the document.
  • Enjoy the app and start enjoying it.
  • The same process is suitable for your laptop or PC. laptop. But you have to go through a few settings.

: PvP Mech Battle Mod APK from our website

Player’s Review

SS Amin stated in November 27 in 2019, SS Amin said “This gameplay is awesome superior to a comparable game I will not directly mention but the gameplay is great and the developers have a response to hated reviews, like server issues and server issues. I’m a game developer myself, it’s not a problem that you have noticed. I’ve viewed the servers and they are working fine. It’s the…”


In the final analysis, I’m going to conclude robot v mod is a thrilling game filled with excitement and thrills that will bring you a great sense of satisfaction. The game itself is a mix of situations or goals of different missions, but it’s filled with excitement and adventure. However, it is completely absolutely free, which is what a player needs. Furthermore, you are able to earn unlimited cash and other prizes as mentioned earlier. If you’re looking for action-oriented games, this game is an ideal option for you. We have also given you all of the details about the game’s gameplay and modes. If you’d like to know details about this game, visit the official website. The details are listed at the end of the article.

What's new

Grades! Now you have much more space for pumping your robots. - Squads! Team up with your friends, chat, win and get an extra reward! - Friends list - Chat



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