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19 August 2020
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Shadow Fight 2, one of the most popular and highly rated fighting games on mobile devices, is back with a new edition – Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. The game retains all the features that made it so popular while adding some new ones to make the gaming experience even better. The graphics are stunning and the animations are smooth, making you feel like you are actually in the middle of a fight. The controls are easy to use and master, allowing you to unleash your full fighting potential. The premise of the shadow fight 2 titan mod 2020 is to use your shadow fighter to battle various opponents, each with their own unique skills and techniques until you eventually become the champion. There are tons of different weapons and armor to choose from, giving you plenty of options for character customization. 

You can also compete with other players in online shadow fight 2 in epic duels, proving once and for all who is the ultimate fighter. But that’s not all. shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk unlimited everything and max level also comes with a special mod apk that unlocks all weapons and armor for you from the start. This means that you can dive straight into the action and start fighting without having to spend hours collecting coins, gems and shadow fight 2 diamond to buy them first. 

And if that’s not enough, there are also dozens of new levels to play shadow fight underworld through, as well as a new boss to defeat. So what are you waiting for? Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition now and show everyone who are the real fighter in shadow fighting.

What’s New!

A new game mode – Journey – has been added. Defeat mighty bosses and receive rewards! 

New equipment has been added. Get your hands on unique weapons and armor! 

The Store has been redesigned. Now it’s even easier to search what you need!

Story in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

In the game, you become an ancient, legendary warrior – someone who has never lost a battle in their life. His skills and prowess will be at your disposal as you fight your way to victory. He went everywhere, trying to find an opponent who could give him a real challenge and make him feel satisfied when fighting. And then one day, he found Gate of Shadows. This thin line between the human world and the dark world fascinated him, and he was determined to explore it. This gateway opened up new possibilities and adventures for him, and he soon discovered that he was not alone in this strange new land. 

By arrogantly breaking the law and the seal of the door, the legendary warrior showed his true power. Suddenly, an incredibly powerful flow of magic energy flowed from the door, causing Titan’s entire body to vanish in a flash of light, leaving only the shadow of his body behind. At the same time, the forces of darkness are also released, and he must embark on a dangerous journey to conquer and defeat all enemies by shadow fight 2 ios hack, in order to seal that door forever, the heroes must be bold and fearless. In the shadow fight 2 hack version special edition, you will have unforgettable, epic battles with the new and more powerful shadow fight 2 titan boss fight

The world needs a fearless warrior to save them from the darkness of oppression. Join the shadow fight 2 unlimited money and gems special edition mod apk to have the opportunity to experience great martial arts battles, and improve your skills to become the ultimate fighter! With better graphics and gameplay, you’ll be able to hone your fighting techniques and become a force to be.

Features of the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

No Energy Restoring

Energy is an important factor in the shadow fight android game. It is used to power your weapons and armor, and it can also be used for special moves. When your energy runs out, you will not be able to fight or use any of your equipment. This can be a major disadvantage in the middle of a battle. There are several ways to restore your energy. The first is by picking up energy orbs that are scattered throughout the levels. You will also restore some energy when you defeat an opponent. 

The most common way to restore energy, however, is by using energy drinks. These can be found in shops or chests, and they come in different strengths. The stronger the drink, the more energy it will restore. It is important to manage your energy wisely. You don’t want to run out of energy in the middle of a fight, especially if you don’t have any way to restore it quickly. Make sure you always have some energy drinks on hand and try not to use your special moves unless you really need them.

Weapons and Armors

In the world of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk, weapons and armor play a very important role in the game. Each weapon has its own unique set of moves and combos and shadow fight cheat that can be used to defeat your opponents. In addition, each piece of armor also provides a different level of protection against damage, making it an important part of your arsenal. There are many different weapons and armor available in the shadow fight 2 app, and each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Some weapons are better for close-range combat, while others are more suited for long-range attacks with the help of shadow fight 2 enchantments hack. Similarly, some pieces of armor are better at protecting you from physical damage, while others offer better protection from magical attacks by shadow fight 2 super magic hack apk download. It is important to choose the right weapon and armor for each battle, depending on the type of opponent you are facing. If you are up against a fighter with strong physical attacks, then you will need a weapon and armor that can protect you from those types of attacks. If your opponent is using magical spells, then you will need to equip yourself with armor that can protect you from those types of attacks.  The best way to find out what weapon and armor is best for you is to experiment with different combinations until you find something that works well for you.

Different Worlds in a Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

There are 7 different and distinct worlds available in the game, each with their own strong and deadly shadow fight 2 all bosses. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a game in which you fight with villains and Titans at the end of the game to become the best shadow fighter. Each of these worlds has its own unique set of challenges for you to overcome.

Combats with Shadow

You’ll enjoy a shadow fight game free with exciting, powerful opponents as part of the story. You’ll be able to perform amazing combos and equip most powerful weapon in shadow fight 2. You be able to fight against formidable opponents here as you can upgrade your armors to withstand greater punishment. Enjoy shadow fight 2 mega mod titan that’s unique, where you’ll fight with the shadows only.

Enjoyable and Adventurous Story Mode

If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous story mode game to play, look no further than Enjoyable Story Mode! Here, you’ll be able to meet Titan and fight against him in person and chance to win shadow fight 2 titan sword. Show off your moves and enjoy performing so many combos against powerful enemies here. The environment is filled with adventure and makes for a great place to test your skills.

Graphics of the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

The graphics are amazing and the controls are easy to use. You can also customize your fighter to make him look exactly how you want after shadow fight 2 additional file download. Most people who play video games want to be able to experience the best graphics and sound that their device can offer. The reality is that many games do not reached to this promise. In fact, most games look and sound terrible. Shadow Fight Special Edition Mod Apk is one of the few games that delivers on its promise of amazing graphics and sound. Our team has worked hard to make sure that every aspect of the game looks and sounds incredible. You won’t find a better looking or sounding game than this.


Shadow Fight 2 is an action-fighting game where you play as a young Sensei. Your mission is to fight the Shogun’s soldiers and stop his evil plot. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod apk is similar to the original Shadow Fight 2 game. It has more content and gameplay than the original game. Shadow fight 2 special edition original apk download and use shadow fight 2 weapons in real life and your fighting skills to defeat your enemies. 

In each chapter, you will play through stages, trying to reach the end and progress to the next chapter. The shadow fight 2 game play will gradually become more difficult. There will be more enemies, and they will be faster and stronger than before. Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk all weapons unlocked and unlimited money to use a secret weapon to carry out powerful attacks from a distance. He also has a special skill that deals high damage.

No Ads in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

We all know that games are a great way to take a break from work, but often they are filled with distracting ads. Games are supposed to be a fun way to take a break, but instead they’re filled with intrusive and annoying ads. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk is a fantastic game that doesn’t have any ads. This means that you can focus on the action without any interruptions.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK Download

Additional Info

App NameShadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk
Latest Version1.0.10
Developed byNEKKI
Mod Features Unlimited MOney/Gems
Requirement4.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads50 Million+
Root Required?No 
Get It On Google play 
Updated on19 August 2020

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk: Steps for downloading and installing

1. You can now download Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition mod apk for free. This mod unlocks all weapons and gives you unlimited money.

2. Installation of ” Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk ” without access to Wi-Fi or the internet.

3. Launch the Installer and then complete the installation.

4. Let it Install Completely in Your Pc

5. Get Free Unlimited Resources by opening the MOD APK App.


The Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk is a great game that you can enjoy. It has a lot of features that will keep you entertained for hours on end. One of the best features of this game is the ability to             unlock new weapons and armor. You can also battle in different worlds, which makes the shadow fight 2 monk set more exciting. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about energy restoration, as it is automatic in this game. The graphics are also amazing and will impress you from the start. Lastly, you can play with friends in multiplayer mode, which makes the game even more fun.

What's new

*Fixed stat reset for enchantments *Some game freezes, lags and crashes are fixed



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