Download the Star wars rivals mod apk new version is a top-quality 3D sci-fi action game that is based on the story and setting.
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Star wars rivals mod apk new version is a top-quality 3D sci-fi action game that is based on the story and setting that inspired the movie Star Wars. In terms of Star Wars games, it is considered to be one of the best of all time.

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A lot of things can be found in star wars rivals mod apk ios

In truth, I see Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes like a soft, chewy cookie filled with filling as well as black sesame seeds and almonds on the exterior. While its primary focus is turning-based tactical role-playing, however, it also has a hint of Gacha in that you are required to find the most heroes you can to win the game.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes for Android

Let’s talk about Gacha. Particularly, you’ll need to gather shards of several well-known Star Wars characters. Following each battle, we will be rewarded with lots of loot and Shards. If you’ve acquired enough shards and assembled the shards into a character you are able to use the character in battle. Additionally, you can utilize shards as well as loot to increase your army and unlock the next characters. Certain characters are unlockable through cards, while other characters cannot be unlocked except when playing multiplayer, and other characters must be purchased with the use of shards. In addition to the obligation of acquiring talented characters, you can also gather other shards in order to boost your ranking to boost the combat power and the attack power of the character.

One thing that I think must be noted is that even though the amount of characters is impressive and includes several powerful skills, this game is not able to let you play as you’d prefer. The order in which characters appear is determined in the game. Because of this that the difficulty has been raised by several levels. This is the reason why most brothers consider it to be a great game, but one that can be very difficult at times.

Strong alliances component

In every battle, you have the ability to play up to five different characters at a time. Each character has a base ability (always useful) and a super capability (needs an extremely long cooling down). Furthermore, some particular characters have a distinct ability apart from the super ability, and some have the ability to heal or taunt and even lead.

When you are entering into the fight, you’ll have to pick an individual with the capacity of an effective leader. Even if it is not the case that you have a person who has this particular talent when you assign a role to the individual to lead your army, others on the team will be rewarded passively.

However, it is important to remember that even though they are part of one group each of them must be a part of at most at least one of the factions (including Jedi, Galactic Republic, Empire, Rebels …). Along with rewards from your faction, these groups also offer different rewards for their children. Linking and branching will provide a variety of alliances, choices, and power to your troops.

The most sophisticated vehicle in the universe

Apart from acquiring gifted characters with extraordinary capabilities, you’ll need combat vehicles that are the most advanced warships. It is possible to acquire excellent warships as you conquer battles. It’s the Millenium Falcon, the X-Wing The Imperial TIE Fighter, and many more great warships you’ve seen in films that are all available. The process of collecting and upgrading warships can also provide you with many amazing benefits.


Everyone will be able to have their own team. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes MOD APK allows you to choose a hero or villain of your choice. You will receive cards of your villains and heroes. In the course of playing, you can put any card from the character you want to play into the Honorable. Your character will be revealed on the ground. There is a minimum of five characters you can play. The characters in this book are all distinct from each other in a number of ways. 

Their abilities and powers are unique. You can customize these characters if you feel they are necessary. In order to gain victory, you should try a variety of strategies and tactics. As you play this game, you will gain a deeper understanding of combat strategies and the battlefield as you learn about them. Each participant will be given an exact time frame to complete the mission. You can choose your preferred choice, whether dark or light. The aim of Star Wars is to get the upper hand in all of the universes, by winning over your adversaries.

star wars rivals mod apk new version

Build and create the power of a hero

In Star Wars(TM) the players will feel at ease and free to display their leadership and manage their army. The first thing you must do is create a strong army empire. Find and select individuals with talent and good fitness to be part of your squad. To aid them in improving their skills in combat it is essential to develop them professionally as leaders. This will transform them into ideal and outstanding heroes in everyone’s eyes.

Defeat Rivals and OWN THIS LAND

The game is challenging, you’ll be faced with a variety of challenges and foes. They every time find an opportunity to exploit your weaknesses to select the best time to attack. This is the reason you can’t be apathetic and uninterested. Make sure you are always on guard and alert throughout the day, striving to discover ways to take on and defeat enemy forces and control the area. Additionally, you must improve and practice your quick reflexes, learn how to combat enemies, and devise smart strategies to take on them. Demonstrate your flexibility and agility by demonstrating your unique playstyles and strategies.(Q)


If you want to be successful in this game, you have to have a sharp and imaginative mind. Always know how to update and rejuvenate your heroes in order to make them more powerful and athletic. Don’t forget to outfit your athletes with the latest equipment and the most effective body protection that reduces damage to less. Also unlocking new capabilities is so important and you should not ignore them. It will allow your heroes to increase their moves and be an abundance of energy. Be a leader in the field of psychology and know what’s most beneficial to your team.


It is described as a ship battle that is a stunning and thrilling adventure. Among the many players who play this game, it is a favorite, and they are enthralled by the excitement and fun it provides for them. You can acquire new vessels and play options to be part of your team. On every boat, there are sailors and captains with skill and bravery. Increase the power of your ships and they will improve.


This game provides an amazing and stunning interface that is brimming with realistic and sharp images. Each detail on each graphic display is distinct beauty, which makes players more interested and excited. Each character is drawn with different forms and faces which makes it easier to recognize the characters. Furthermore, the amusement and beautiful music in the game have played a significant role in this game’s popularity.


Insurgent leaders? Imperial legendary stalwarts? Choose your own when you form elite light and dark aspect groups while gathering heroes and other characters from The Star Wars(TM) world. Take strategic decisions and choose teammates with similar capabilities to battle with the most formidable squads!


The ultimate goal of this game is to defeat your opponents and rise to the highest levels of dominance in a galactic holo battle in a distant cantina by defeating your opponents. Enhance your heroes’ abilities while playing for more effective and bigger victories. To achieve the highest level of success, you will need to take part in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Environments, and Squad Tournaments with your team.


Make smart, strategic choices and provide your soldiers with the most powerful equipment to bolster their injuries during the battle between the galaxies.  You will learn new skills that make your group unstoppable as you unleash powerful strikes like Luke Skywalker’s Bullseye, Anakin’s Reckless Assault, and more as you unleash the power of the Force.


Build your own combat fleet by assembling iconic starships and large capital ships. Take on new challenges, fight in the home, and battle in your Fleet Environment to check your ability. Find unique upgrade supplies for characters, which are available only as rewards for battles in Ships. Each ship also has its own team with special abilities for specific ships. Hire highly efficient characters to form the most powerful arsenal!


Join in Raids with your friends and fight against bosses like in the Rancor as well as the AAT Tank when you’ve created your own Guild. You will be able to work with your guild to participate in Territory Battles, in which you will be able to unleash your entire arsenal of ships and characters in a constantly changing battleground. Show your strength when you take on opponents against other Guilds in order to conquer territories and top leaderboards in the world within Territory Warfare.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk has the following features

There are many outstanding features, including real-life characters multi-campaigns with smooth controls, the creation of a perfect squad, and many more that offer you authentic gaming enjoyment.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 3

Below, I’ve listed some of the characteristics that are part of the Star Wars Modded game. If you’re a novice player who is still unsure about how to download the premium mod, the features below will aid you in your decision.

Credits To rival stars mod apk (unlimited everything)

star wars rivals mod apk download unlimited money is a great feature of the modified Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game, which allows us to increase the level of characters as well as Star rarity, mod levels, and even their tires.

Credits can be earned through completing missions, playing in tournaments for teams and PvP battles as well as various other methods.

All characters are not locked

Star wars rivals mod apk everything unlocked.There are many strong characters such as Bastila Shan Hermit Yoda and General Kenobi, Darth Traya, and many more that are available on the internet.

The mod Version of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gives you the chance to play all characters at any time without limitations.

star wars rivals mod apk everything unlocked

There is no limit to the number of experience points you can earn

It is possible to increase a player’s level by using experience points.

 They can be earned through completing quests, taking part in various events unlocking characters, participating in teams, and participating in PvP squad fights. In the star wars rivals mod apk an1.

Incredible graphics

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is well-known for its breathtaking graphics and stunning visual effects that offer the real-life experience of playing superheroes on battlefields.

stars wars rivals mod apk graphics

Shop for nothing

Through the inbuilt store within the game, you are able to buy various items such as data cards crystals, resources, crystals, and many other items. It star wars rivals mod apk free shopping you can enjoy the star wars rivals offline mod apk.

A few more features

Smooth Controls

Challenging Quests

Multiple Customizing Opportunities

No Human Verification Required

The key features of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk are as follows:

Diverse characters.

Beautiful and diverse Lukin Shins.

Take part in a turn-based war.

The possibility of a building also being formed.

Collecting Heroes.

The potential for training enhances the strength of heroes.

Take on legendary battle venues.

The ability to upgrade can also improve the character of the person.

Additionally, the choice was also a tactical and strategic one.

Gorgeous graphics and gameplay.

Possibility of undoing specific characters.


Create an individual Guild and take part in raids in the face of Rancor or AT Tank. Join your Guild for Territory Battles and unleash the weaponry of your ship and character on a tense battlefield. Land grabs and leaderboards across the world are the objectives of the Territory War.

Build traditional starships and massive Capital Ships. Compete against yourself to fight for space and participate in the Fleet Arena. Find exclusive Ship Battle items for improving your character. Each crew member on the ship has distinct abilities. Create the most impressive arsenal!

Make informed decisions and arm your troops with the best armor that will increase their effectiveness in cosmic warfare. To ensure that your troops are unstoppable, employ command techniques such as Bullseye as well as Reckless Assault.

Play intergalactic holo games to climb to the top of the game in a remote caf. Improve your heroes’ attacking strength and score chances.  We invite you to take part in Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arenas, and Squad Tournaments.

Are they activists? Old-timers?     

Create amazing evil and good team members from the Star WarsTM universe. Team up with your friends who have similar abilities! In the star wars rivals mod apk battlefront.


Hi, Galaxy of Heroes fans! We’ve implemented a few modifications to help you enjoy your time in battle, and even beyond.

What should I do to install it?

Here’s the MOD APK for “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes”.

Don’t connect to the internet or wifi, but install Download Apk.

Complete the installation by launching the Installer.

Install it completely on your Android

Get Free Unlimited Resources with MOD APK.


I congratulate you! As soon as you have installed Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod on your Android device. As a result, you are now able to hack the game and play with it. This mod comes with some really surprising features. This means that you should only download the mod if you follow the procedure above and enjoy it.In the star wars rivals mod apk happymod.

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