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1 Oct 2022
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Stick war legacy Mod Apk is the most famous and popular interesting strategy game that receives phenomenal ranking. It has dynamic challenges and superior graphics which makes it stand out, but this time your task is not to destroy monsters or zombies, an interesting feature is to command a large army. In this game, you have to protect your mine and attack the opponent,s mine. Command your armies to invade territories .you have total control of every stickman.


Those who love playing strategy games would definitely love Stick War Legacy

First of all, You need to complete the tutorial then you can click the shop. You can buy all the items in the shop for free. The gems will increase when you buy items. Then you can use these gems to buy other things such as skins and cases. With this mod, you will be rich in this game. Stick War has a straightforward interface, with buttons for creating units and switching between defense and attack modes in the upper portion of the screen.  In order to build your units, you will need gold. You’ll need to maintain the ideal balance between the number of warriors and workers you have because you need workers to get that gold. For example, in the “survival mode,” you are only allowed to battle zombies; however, in the “tournament mode,” you must contend with armies that are similar to your own.

Stick war Mod apk unlimited Money

Fun and exciting stick battle

We all think of stick man as something that’s really simple, which makes the idea of having two armies of stickman fighting against each other extremely fun and exciting in certain ways. But don’t think of it as a simple battle between a few stickmen, you can have access to hundreds of different units on a huge-scale battlefield.

On top of that, you can choose to control any character belonging to your army with manual control. Hence, you can experience the feeling of being a soldier who’s fighting in a grand battle between two armies.


Graphics in Stick War Legacy make it more stunning and splendid. The cartoony art style makes the stick figures look extremely friendly. But don’t think of them as regular stick men as they can be fierce warriors when they’re on the battlefield. Aside from the realistic strategy aspect, the game provides a grand-scale battlefield with amazing weapon effects. In addition, during our tests, there are no noticeable lags as the game run relatively smooth.

Stick war unlimited Gems

Different items with their own characters

The items also have their specific characters, including leaf items, ice items, lava items, savage items, and vamp items. To boost your speed you have to wear leaf item however, your power would be reduced. To freeze your enemies or to slow down their speed you have to wear ice items. On the other hand, lava items feature the power of the mighty volcanoes which burn your enemies and repel some of the damage back to them.

 Vamp items make your units immune to poisonous damages as well as allow them to steal life force from enemies. And lastly, the savage items, made from the bones and skins of the powerful monsters, the items grant their wearer extreme power and resilience so they can charge into the enemy’s line like a savage warrior.

Stick War Legacy Mod Features:

There are many interesting features of stick war legacy mod Apk


An interesting feature of stick war legacy is that you can unlock everything in the game to play well

New weapons:

You can also use new weapons and other armors by downloading Stick war legacy Mod 999 on your phone

New Modes:

In addition to using more modified game features you can also use Tournament or survival mode

Suitable size:

The size of the game is perfectly suitable that is secure on mobile data

Free to download            

Without using any cent you can download and install games on your phone

New characters

You can play with more than 6 new characters in the upgraded version of the game which is one of the most prominent features in the upgraded version

Upgrade weapons Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

In addition, to upgrading other features, you can also upgrade weapons quality, armor, and everything in the modified version


No ads

If you download the game from google play you will likely to bother numerous ads that will lose your interest in this exciting game

There are no ads in the game to irritate the player .without any interference you can enjoy the game

Unlimited Gems

You can get unlimited gems in the game to make the game more interesting  Stick War: Legacy Mod (unlimited gems) will let you get unlimited gems in the game. You need to complete the tutorial then you can click the shop. You can free to buy all the items in the shop for free. The gems will increase when you buy items. Then you can use these gems to buy other things such as skins and cases. With this mod, you will be rich in this game.


 Sound and music in stick war legacy describe your actions with realistic sound effects. For instance, you can hear the sound of your miner when he’s mining the gold, or hear the sounds of metal weapons crashing into each other on the tense battlefield. In addition, in each stage of the game, there are also spontaneous audio tracks to enhance your experiences.

How to Download

Step 1. Download Stick War: Legacy Mod (unlimited gems) apk file on the Apk Disney Website.
Step 2. Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file and tap Yes when prompted.
Step 3. Stick War: Legacy Mod (unlimited gems) apk will begin installing on your device. Simple.

Stick War Mod Menu


Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is an action game. we can play it as a team With wonderful features, the game is undoubtedly one of the best stick war games available.


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