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You can play Teaching Feeling Mod Apk to become the servant of a gorgeous girl who will do anything you ask.
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NameTeaching Feeling APK MOD
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You can play Teaching Feeling Mod Apk to become the servant of a gorgeous girl who will do anything you ask. It contains some content intended for adults 18+. If you are over 18, download the Teaching Feeling Mod Apk now. Teaching Feeling is an Android game that’s great for adults only. In Teaching Feeling, you take on a frightening situation in an adventure game. You will be in a frightening situation in Teaching Feeling Mod Apk, an Android adventure game. Apk Crystal offers similar apps and games, which you can also download for free. Mod Apk contains traps that can give you special abilities such as Magic Bolts. There are also special items.

Teaching Feeling APK MOD teaching about feelings


At the time you started Teaching Feeling, you were one of the few doctors in your small town. I would like to point out that the doctor in question is single and focuses on his work. The thought of other things does not take up much of his time. A man appeared one day in front of his home and was accompanied by another woman. He claimed he was rescued by you, and wished to repay you with Sylvie, his child. This is where the story begins.


The Teaching Feeling Apk is where you play the main role of Sylvie, helping her to regain her mental health after she was tortured by former employers. You can talk, touch, or rub Sylvie’s head in this visual novel game. Choosing one of the three options will allow you to watch the game evolve in a number of different directions as a result.

Sylvie will tell you that she is struggling and is deeply affected by the terrible events of her past. She was harassed by her former boss several times to make him laugh. Chemicals thrown at him caused the scars. Help her with her nightmares to show her you’re a good teacher.

“Rub her hair” is not a very meaningful phrase, and Sylvie does not understand what you mean. The more she does this for a few days, the less insecure she will feel. The moment she rubs her head, she will smile with a big smile on her face.

Touch will represent the first of a series of dangerous actions. You can continue playing after you reach 18+. It’s all up to you.

Teaching Feeling APK MOD Unlimited  Money

The features of the Teaching Feeling APK are as follows:

Although you may have a good idea of what the game is about, you should still know these key features before you install it on your phone.

Take good care of your

You will be responsible for Sylvie’s care, but also need to manage your own daily activities. You can work and make money to support Sylvie and your own needs. She is more than a slave. It’s like having a soul mate and a bright spot in your darkest hours. Sylvie will be kind and open to you. The evening will be filled with many interesting conversations and a lot of good feelings. Sylvie is not the only person in your life with a slave teaching feeling apk who matters. There are many interesting things to be discovered and surprising relationships that can be made outside of the city. Do not forget to explore the area.

Tips for players

Many players lost their lives after just 15 days of being with Sylvie. Sylvie became ill and passed away from her illness. What can we do to make sure Sylvie survives the first 15 days of her illness? You should not click the “touch button”. Sylvie needs care because she is fragile and weak. Sylvie can become sick if you show any lust. To show empathy, talk to Sylvie and pat her head frequently. Sylvie will eventually open up to you. Sylvie will be open to exploring the world around her. You and Sylvie can be compared by a score bar on Teaching Feeling. Her score will rise to 50 if you can meet her needs and prioritize her options. You will be able to choose how to treat her if she has an intimacy score of 50 or higher. She will not be well for the first 15 days.

Graphics, sound

Teaching Feeling has unique gameplay, but it is still very attractive. The game’s unique feature is 2D images combined with creepy colors. The game’s anime-style graphics will appeal to otakus. A high-quality sound system and great music ensure that players have enjoyable experiences.

Teaching Feeling gameAPK MOD Graphics teaching feeling latest version

Based on A Novel

The novel is the basis for every character in the game. This is why many people love to interact with each character. There will be many types of boys and girls roaming the game, each with a specific purpose.

Amazing Gameplay

You will have the best gameplay with the Teaching Feelings game. All the forward movement in the game is dependent on your actions. Each shot gives you three choices. You can then move the object further in your desired direction. There are many tight controls depending on what you choose to do in this classic 2D storyline game where you must immerse yourself in the vibrant gameplay. It is possible for you to control Sylvie as a servant, and she will obey all the commands that you give her.

18+ content with classic coverage

Touching Feeling Mod Apk allows users to explore various intimate aspects of the game. There are some elements of adultery within the game, which we warn you about. We won’t go into detail about them. So, dive in and have your own intimate experience with Sylvie, the young and beautiful Sylvie.

What are the steps involved in downloading the Teaching Feeling Mods Apk?

  1. Once you have entered the download page, you will see a featured image that will appear at the top of the page.

2. For a free download of the featured image, please click on the button below it.

3. Please note that you will be redirected directly to the download page after clicking the link

4. Wait a few seconds until you see the download link appear on the screen

5. There is just one thing you need to do, and that is to click that link. Enjoy!


Enjoy the adult content of the gameplay. The flow includes intimate activities that allow users to relax and enjoy the relaxed mode of order-taking where the whole command is given. The most amazing modification we’ve made allows you to enjoy much more than just the



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