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The traffic rider mod apk is a modified version of the traffic rider game, which is available in the Play Store and iOS stores.
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The traffic rider mod apk is a modified version of the traffic rider game, which is available in the Play Store and iOS stores. It was created and released by Soner Kara, a racing category. Traffic Rider is a game that’s become a sensation in the gaming world and for great reason. It’s an addictive game, similar to Racing in Car 2 mod Apk as well as Earn to die mod apk that provides excellent graphics, great gameplay, and a lot of content. When you begin playing the game, you’ll realize the reason it’s taking over Android today and you should go ahead and give it a shot now.

The traffic rider mode app provides

The traffic rider mode app provides a variety of options to enjoy. You can play in traffic rider mode, fight with other players by yourself or join an intense deathmatch team in which you compete with other groups. There’s even a racing mode, too. There are many options for customization which will keep players coming to the game again and again, and it’s clear that the game will continue to expand with new content added constantly. It’s a great activity and with the advent of technology, it is possible to do almost everything completed online.

 For charging your phone, purchasing things, or playing games, there are devices to ease your task. Another feature that is popular at present is the smartphone. There is no doubt that the majority of the population now owns an iPhone, and that is a major indicator of the future. With the number of smartphones in use around the world app developers and businesses have the chance to take control of the market with new services, apps, and games. Despite the fact that every smartphone user is unique and uses different kinds of apps on their devices, there is one thing that is the same for all smartphone users and that is gaming.

 Every phone there has a game available on it, and therefore, every day, hundreds of new games are being developed just because games are becoming so prevalent on phones. While there are many kinds of games on the internet, the most played include racing-themed games. It doesn’t matter if it’s a console, PC, or smartphone, racing games are a favorite for everyone. In case you are a racing game enthusiast and you own an Android device, then this game is a must-try.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk has the following features as its main feature

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Unlimited Money

1. Unlimited Cash

2. Unlimited Gold

3. Infinite Keys

4. All Bikes Unlocked

5. Premium Features Unlocked

6. Compatible with all devices

7. No Ads

8. Non-Rooted

9. First-person camera view.

10. You can choose from 29 bike models in this online game.

11. Real motor sounds that were recorded from real bikes

12. You can select either night or daytime mode.

13. You can complete 70+ missions using the career mode.

14. Online leaderboards and more than 30 accomplishments

15. It has 29 languages available.

16. Amazing HD Graphics.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Graphics

The greatest feature of the game is it features stunning and amazing HD graphics. It is a ride through the city and roads that are extremely detailed. The Game has also night and day versions of this game that will provide you with two distinct modes and graphics that differ from each. There are also different seasons included in the game, such as rain and snow, which means that the appearance of the game will be more impressive. No doubt that you will be amazed by the elegance of this game as soon as you attempt it.

17. Career Mode

There is also a career mode with missions that you can play in addition to testing the game as an invited player, this mode offers a number of missions that may be accomplished in order to progress through the game. 

The game features motorbikes sounds that were made from real motorbikes, which means it can provide you with good audio too. There are more than 30 achievements you can unlock by playing the game. In addition, you will be able to make your way up online leaderboards if you play the game. As you progress through the game, the faster you can ride your bike, the more points you will earn.

18. Real Motorbikes To Ride

With this gaming experience, you will have the opportunity to ride a variety of real motorbikes in our virtual reality. There are 26 different motorbikes available and will be unlockable when you finish the objectives while playing the game.

 You have the option, however, of downloading the Traffic Rider mega mod APK from the following link and selecting the bike you want, without having to complete the missions in the game. Another advantage of the Traffic Rider mega mod is the fact that players are able to adjust the camera angle while riding their bikes. You can, for instance, alter the camera’s view to the view of a first-person view if desire to experience a true biking experience.

19. Available Worldwide

The game is available in 19 languages, which means that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to download and play the game. The game is currently at the top of the most popular game lists in many countries around the world, and if you haven’t tried it before, it’s worth trying at least once if you haven’t done so already.

20. Ride authentic motorbikes with up to 12 models.

Unlocked All Bikes

Traffic Rider Unlocked All Bikes

FZh Turbo




VX95 Night

KBX 250

Shadow R

CBZ 250Y

NJ 250


ZX 750


Chief LT

GX 1400

ZZF 1400



CBN 1000r

SR 10007

GSR 1300


Artil TP4


DCT 8910H








Handlebar Gamepad






Unlimited Gold, Cash, and Everything

There are many players that want to have an unlimited supply of gold and cash and all the other things inside the mod traffic app. They are aware that it will allow them to level up more quickly and make their experience more enjoyable.

 Most people do not have the time to finish all their missions for hours and wait for something to occur. So, don’t fret! Here’s your chance of receiving an unlimited supply of gold as well as cash without any trouble. All you need to download is the traffic the rider infinite money mod application from our site APK Holder. After you’ve done that you are ready for excitement!

Unlock and Customize Bikes in Traffic Rider Mod Apk

The most appealing aspect of playing traffic rider is that you are able to modify your bike. You can unlock various bikes, and then modify the bikes with new colors or other accessories such as engine seats as well as power and others that make you stand out from other riders.

What happens if you don’t have a lot of time to spare and you don’t have any spare time to spend on this? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with our issue guide. Download traffic rider for all bikes unlocked mod apk using the provided link and you’ll get all the bikes that are pre-unlocked within your game without having to pay any money.

No Ads

There are certain things that everyone wishes they could get rid of in life, and one of them is ads. In other words, when you are playing a game and then you see a video advertisement pop up, you are likely to take just a couple of seconds. 

It distracts you from the game. It’s the reason why nobody would like to see ads. Thus, many players in traffic riders are arguing about the best way to remove ads from our Traffic Rider mod application. It is a modified version of files and server codes. As a result, the game does not contain any advertisements whatsoever.


What are the most effective characteristics of the traffic rider mod APK?

Unlimited gold, cash, and bikes that are unlocked are among the greatest features of the traffic rider mod app.

How do I unlock all bikes in a hurry while I am a for the rider?

It is possible to unlock every bike by having to play the game. It’s as simple as installing and downloading our traffic rider for all bikes, unlocked mod Apk.

Who came up with the Traffic Rider game?

Soner Kara created and launched the game traffic rider across every platform available.

Information on requirements and other details:

Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.

This application is a modified version of the original program, made by a third party who has no connection with the original owner or Malavida which hasn’t confirmed, validated or approved the application. 

Installing, downloading, and using this application is the sole responsibility of the user, without Malavida being held accountable for any effects or the results that occur in your system. It is not the case that Malavida nor the developer who originally developed the modified application nor any trademarks they use are in any way associated with this version.

The installation of the software by means of the APK file requires you to activate the option “Unknown sources” within Settings>Applications in order to proceed with the installation.

What’s New?

There is a brand new model of the bike that has been updated.

The correction of bugs and the fixing of bugs

Please update to the latest version 1.81 of the software

Unlocking of all tracks has been completed.

The bike can now be used indefinitely.

This update has improved the fluidity of the control over the previous version


What’s new In the Modded version?

Unlimited Gold, Cash, Keys

Double Cash

The Extra Lifes setting is set for max value

All Store items are unlocked and activated

Advertisements were removed

New bikes are locked

Play it again following the crash

Performance has increased

There is no fear of being crushed. The process should be restarted

In order to restart the game, you will need to start from the place where the crash occurred

In the latest version of the mod, Full Freedom has now been added.


We personally tested this modified version of traffic rider and have found that it is fully functional for all users. All tracks and bikes are locked completely. Therefore, you don’t have to buy anything else.


The Traffic Rider Mod Apk is for enthusiastic riders who love to ride bikes. But there are so many riders who can’t get a chance to ride bikes on real roads. For those riders, we have the best game with mod features to ride freely. Download the game now and have fun.

What's new

- Added a new bike
- Bug fixes and improvements



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