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True Skate is the best skateboarding simulator available for Android devices out there, and it is easy to use and very entertaining. 
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True Axis
Sep, 27, 2022
Android 4.1
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NameTrue Skate
RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Rating (Average)4.3
DeveloperTrue Axis


True Skate is the best skateboarding simulator available for Android devices out there, and it is easy to use and very entertaining. It is designed to appeal to only a small number of people who use smartphones and tablets, however, due to its uniqueness, it can be enjoyed by all. The company is responsible for the development of True Axis, which has gained popularity due to. The first phase of getting the participant acquainted with the fundamentals of management and demonstrating the most basic strategies. Don’t be rushed, as learning will depend on the subsequent process. Because the control is done using two fingers, users of screens with small sizes may feel some discomfort from the closure arm’s large view field.

The visual component True Skate performed at a satisfactory level. With high-quality textures, real-life parks and facilities give the impression of complete involvement in skiing at the highest level. Following your training, begin the main challenge where you have to execute various tricks and stunts in order to conquer many obstacles in a short amount of time and also. To be a true Pro one will need to master 30 tricks found in real life (the growth of the game was guided by the best skateboarders).

Games and disadvantages. The main one is management. It is extremely innovative and unique which may cause skepticism among potential players. Though it’s a little more in-depth you can gain more control over this game. However, it’s unlikely because it is against the spirit of realism. Among the best mobile applications that offer information about skateboarding, True Skate is regarded as one of the best. If you don’t consider the single negative, we offer a top-quality arcade simulator that will remain on your phone or tablet.

True Skate MOD APK

Experience the stunning SKATE ENVIRONMENT

In fact, when you read the name of the game it will be clear the kind of setting you’ll be in. You’ll be able to maneuver in a specific skateboard climate and also explore the possibilities within the game. So, True Skate allows you to explore what you desire and to express yourself through the handling of the various terrains of the game.

The feature’s environment was created to replicate the real world And everyone knows the reasons behind this. The players will be able to test the skills they’ll need in the game, however, it’s an extended process to improve their capabilities. The variety of terrains and aspects related to the environment is, in addition, one of the factors that ought to be considered in the design process. You could flip them around to demonstrate a combination.


In the game True Skate, players will be able to enter the game with the characteristics mentioned earlier and then spend time experimenting with the things they can accomplish. In particular, you’ll find ways to adapt to the normal manner of moving as well as the maneuvers you can perform during the game. The actions you take must be executed properly to avoid falling over or stopping midway in the event that your skateboard flips upside down. That flip completely upside-down will have to be addressed immediately and then repositioning your skateboard to its original position and continuing to move. In the meantime, you will be aware that if you encounter any issues, you are able to keep going. 

That is, players can continue playing their progress until they reach the desired combo within the game without having to be stopped by the narrative dilemma. This feature is certain to be something that any player will appreciate. They won’t feel any pressure to achieve an objective and can enjoy the game however they want. In addition, it’s a great opportunity for players to explore the possibilities of combinations and to be interested in possibilities when they turn around certain of the game’s distinctive environment elements, like bars or stairs that the players are able to slide.

Experience different environments

The setting within True Skate is perfectly suitable for skateboard players to put on skateboard performance since they differ in height and features. One thing is certain they won’t be flat and that’s something players have to think about. However, they’ll also spend lots of time exploring everything they can do using the elements within the game’s environment. When this happens players also begin to lose interest in the fundamental background that the game provides. Apart from the primary setting it also provides several other settings in packs that players can purchase. Each one of the environments has unique and distinctive characteristics that players can discover. When you arrive in an entirely new place you’ll repeat the activities you had previously done in your previous environment, and you’re at liberty to discover ways to play. These are also situations where players can test themselves.

True Skate Gameplay and Features

True Skate True Skate has already won numerous accolades. It is rated as the third most popular paid sports gaming app available on the Google Play Store. The team behind the game claims that it is the most popular app that provides the most realistic skating experience using a smartphone. It gives you an incredible gaming experience in which you don’t at all feel as if you’re playing with your mobile devices. It takes you right to the skateboarding park, where you will be able to perform your amazing tricks and become the top skater you can be.

True Skate True Skate provides you with these super amazing features that make it the top skateboarding app accessible on Google Play Store:


Contrary to the skateboarding games is often seen that your control is an actual skateboard and not an athlete. With just two fingers, you are able to manage the skateboard’s movement while trying to keep it in balance, but without letting it fall. Move your fingers back so that the skateboard is moving forward. Swipe on your screen and perform equivalent moves. Many skateboarding moves such as kickflips and backside are achievable in the event that you’re proficient.

Unlock new skateboards

Skateboards are one of the most popular sports in the country, so the collection offered by True Skate makes it perfect for anyone who enjoys the sport. Apart from mastering difficult techniques, owning contemporary elegantly decorated skis is a goal for many athletes. Additionally, you can purchase skateboarding classes or gain access to specific areas.


True Skate has a diverse mission system that includes a variety of challenges that require players to finish specific tricks or get the highest score within the specified time required by the game. The game helps players to improve their technique and will allow them to discover new sliding areas, as well as provide fun adventures.

While the skate park offers good areas for visitors to explore but in the near future, the designers will create new spots for the skaters to enjoy a variety of different experiences. They won’t get bored with the same areas repeatedly. There’s also a rewind option, for now, to return to the original position, as well as a note to stop the play while the player is engaged.

This is perhaps the most authentic and enjoyable skateboarding game that is suitable for all levels of players. Good swipe controls, excellent session-starting characteristics, vivid graphics, and sound provide players with an authentic and thrilling sport experience. Controls and physics are two fantastic and ideal components that players enjoy the most in this exciting game.

True Skate MOD APK Grapics

The features in the Ture Skate Mod Apk Game:

The game has a highly realistic touch, which provides players to enjoy a smooth experience while skating. In this game, you will be able to enjoy smooth and fluid gameplay thanks to the lack of complicated controls. The game features stunning real-life skateboarding parks that have proper steps, ledges, grind rails half pipes, and quarter pipes. It also gives the possibility of buying additional skateboarding parks through app purchases.

The game also has the world’s leaderboard that lets you check your score against other skaters from all over the world so you can decide whether you’re the top skateboarder in the world.

The game provides a breathtaking slow motion that allows you to view the amazing footage of yourself doing famous and fun skateboarding tricks.

In replay mode, players are able to see the tricks and stunts that are executed, which enhances the fun factor in the sport.

True Skate is an exciting game with stunning graphics that will take you on an adventure where you will for the first time feel as if you’re playing on an Android device for the first time.

It’s the True Skate with its awesome real-life gameplay and fantastic features have gained a lot of popularity for all ages. It’s an absolute must-have for any Android device and is a single location to satisfy your adrenaline and adventure needs.

Includes true skate mod apk all skateparks unlocked:

A plethora of skate parks

Tricks with slow motion;


Realistic physics that will immerse you in the gaming experience;

A wide selection of skateboards for sale;

Tests by users.

Do you want to know what’s more? The following are the features of the True Skate Mod Apk:

True Skate is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store if you wish to use it. This will not only give you access to the basic version of the app but will also enable you to access the Google Play Store. 

Technology advancements have made the internet extremely popular and there are lots of websites that offer users with the True Skate MOD the essential benefit that you can buy unlimited money. With the updated version, you do not have to be concerned about cost and can buy whatever you want to buy without checking the cost. The modified version is available for download in the same way that it is available on the Google Play Store. It is also a great option for people who are unable to connect to Google Play Store or for reasons beyond their control are not able to download True Skate Mod Apk.

True Skate MOD APK Unlimited Money

How do I get the true skate apk download?

The download links that are available on the internet claim to offer you true skate apk android does not support their claims. Most of the links give access to older versions of the app that aren’t functional, and the rest are fake links that let viruses infect your android device and interfere with the functioning of your Android devices. So, without delay, let’s discuss the problem that has been brewing for a while. Here are how to download the most current version of True Skate with a much plus of having unlimited cash available so you don’t need to think twice before purchasing anything.

It is as simple as clicking on the link below and downloading the file. There will be a warning message displayed when you click upon the hyperlink, as follows:

You will be prompted to click on “Yes” in order to start the download process.

After the download has finished then click download and then let the phone take care of the rest.

The true skate download for Android can be downloaded here

In the world of skateboarding, True Skate is a must-have game for anyone who loves to ride a skateboard. 

If you have difficulty practicing skating outside, this game can provide important information that will improve your performance. The skating park’s “entrance ticket” is $ 1.99 however, you can play the game for free by downloading it from APK Mody.

What's new

- Fixed an issue causing swipes to disappear. - Fixed an issue causing the reset skateboard to stop working after editing replays. - Fixed potential crash using Facebook features. - Fixed potential crash using the custom camera settings in the replay editor. - Improvements to gamepad controls. - Improvements to the Skateparks menu.



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