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This business simulator game has a specific and detailed storyline, a rarity in business simulation games. Having a career as a weed seller is how to succeed in this game, so you'll need to have Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk Latest Version Playing this game is a lot more thrilling, fascinating, and fun thanks to the fact that it is a simulation game about managing your business strategy. If you are buying, you can get high with customers. You can then sell the products you made to your customers after harvesting your plants.
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1) Detail & Description/Game Overview

There is now a popular game based on the popular television series Breaking Bad called Weed Firm 2. Having a career as a weed seller is how to succeed in this game, so you’ll need to have Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk Latest Version Playing this game is a lot more thrilling, fascinating, and fun thanks to the fact that it is a simulation game about managing your business strategy. You only need to follow the business tactics to turn a young botanist into a professional seller.

This business simulator game has a specific and detailed storyline, a rarity in business simulation games. Many familiar characters will pop into your mind. The weed planting mission in the secret laboratory continues with the events that occurred in part 1. His business was to grow and sell cannabis at an old abandoned gym, where he had regular clients.

1.1) Plot Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

Farm simulation games have a lot in common with Weed Firm 2. This game starts with a plant in a laboratory pot. There seem to be a variety of instruments able to assist you in growing weed. After spreading the seed, water the plant. Fertilizing the plant will encourage it to grow faster, which will help you harvest it sooner.

1.2) Gameplay of Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

There’s an icon for a water bottle on your left screen. You will be limited to 100 energy (also known as High) when playing Weed Firm 2. Your harvest will be reduced by 4 High due to watering, manure reduction, and harvest price increase. If you are buying, you can get high with customers. You can then sell the products you made to your customers after harvesting your plants. On the right side of the house, you’ll notice a lot of clients banging on your door. This is your opportunity to grow your marijuana empire and make money.

2) Features of Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

2.1) Unlock New Crops

There’s an icon for a water bottle on your left screen.  High-end products have greater value, so you can also make more money off of them. You need to know that when your customers know what they want, they will come to you. You’ll be able to attract customers who are willing to spend a premium on high-end goods. The seeds you unlock include Sativa, Indica, White Widow, Skunk, Alien Strain, and more. Unlock more pots and plant all of your seeds to increase your rewards. Even though it requires additional work, you will reap more weed each time you harvest.

2.2) Trade with Aliens

You can grow magic weeds in the lab and sell them to aliens after you upgrade it. You’ll have a reputation beyond the scope of Earth, but the aliens speak a language other than English. You may acquire a starship, build a bar, and trade in quantity to aliens if you don’t have an interpreter. Or you could even buy a spaceship and rent out a space bar.

2.3) Beware of the Gangsters

                Some of your customers might have no respect for you. If you sell them weed, they might not pay you or actually steal your money. If users “get high” with each other, on the other hand, they might trust you higher and you may be able to interact with them more efficiently.

2.4) Decorate Your Room

Adding trendy and attractive design to your home can get you more RESPECT from your customers. They will have greater respect for you and be willing to pay you more. If your living room seems a bit vacant, consider buying a sofa. It will help you to attract more ladies. If your floor looks chaotic and miserable, clean it up and substitute it with lavish floor tiles.

2.5) Graphics and Music

Despite the fact that the graphics of Weed Firm 2 aren’t as sharp and beautiful as top games, their style is quite appropriate for its context. The color and atmosphere are rather somber, a secret laboratory for an illegal job. The music makes a significant contribution to the ambiance of the game and you listen to it on a music player, but the game also has an actual music player.

2.6) Interesting Characters in Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

There are a variety of characters you will meet in this game. You can sell them the pots that you have grown to earn money and gain their respect. You can even share a joint with them to gain their respect! Along with customers, you’ll come across thugs who will try to steal from you, as well as cops who will detain you if you don’t pay! It’s now able to sell some of your stuff to Soulja boy thanks to the recent update. As you progress, aliens will appear too, and sell them magic mushrooms.

2.7) Advance through Levels

Planting weeds, feeding those, and then selling them is all there is to the game. You might think it gets boring after a while but when you play it you won’t feel bored at all.  If you’re actually smoking that marijuana, this game becomes addictive! The tasks that must be done in order to level up are displayed on the chalkboard. You’ll be willing to meet new characters as you level up, as well as have the bravery to plant outdoors your whole business and meet additional cannabis strains! Eventually, will you feel comfortable meeting aliens and growing magic mushrooms?

2.8) Upgrade Your Shop

The setting of Weed Firm 2: Back to College is truly a blank slate! There is an old gym where your shop is located with faded walls and damaged floors. Adding improvements to your weed-busting work is a pleasant way to show your customers that you are serious about the job, right?

Your customers will become more confident about your ability to supply better supplies once they see those upgrades. Therefore, you can expect them to know more frequently once you make those changes. As a bonus, any time you add a piece of wallpaper, sofa, or any other decor to your store; it will affect the number of people who visit your store or the quality of the pots you sell!

Weed Firm 2 – ALL WORKING GLITCHES | Unlimited Money | Unlimited Xp | Unlimited Weed Step By Step

3) MOD Feature Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

3.1) Unlimited Money

You don’t have to worry about money if you are using the Weed Firm 2 MOD APK version by APK DISNEY. Feel free to purchase the best tools for your lab. Although it gives you an excuse to plant and water more weeds, most players would rather sell their goods for cold hard cash. Plus, watching ads is another deal breaker.

App NameWeed Firm 2 Mod Apk
Game Category/GenreSimulation
Size104 MBs
Latest Version3.0.71
MOD FeaturesBug Fixes, Unlimited Money
Update2 Days Ago
Device RequirementAndroid 5 and above
Get it ONGoogle Play
Reviews4.5 (12385)
Specification of Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk unlimited money and high Latest Version

4) Tips for Playing Weed Firm 2: Back to College

4.1) Store Water and Seeds 

Whenever a player purchases cannabis plants, it is only natural for them to grow them right away. Although you might be able to keep moving forward on your own when the gangsters come after you, you will have nothing and you will be stranded. When those gangsters try to sabotage your business, keep seeds and water with you if you want to avoid this.

4.2) Purchase Safe Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

You have the option of pissing customers off, selling stash, smoking joints, and buying from them whenever you deal with them. When you reach level 5, you will be sold a safe by the mechanic. You need to use this opportunity when you get the chance. Do not open the door to gangsters before hiding your cash and weed. You will benefit greatly from this.

4.3) Always Harvest

Make sure you’ve got enough stock left over to smoke a joint with most of your visitors. Plus, don’t forget to stop the pots before you answer the front door. This will prevent you from having to piss off your visitors, and you won’t have to deal with the police searching through your house.

4.4) Interact with the Customer

The visitor will be high enough to give you almost 50% off if you try to purchase something expensive from them after you answer them. Aside from increasing Respect, they’ll give you a great deal on some items.

4.5) Complete Tasks in Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk

This game can be a little overwhelming sometimes because there’s so much focus on growing your money and growing weeds. However, while that’s part of the game, be sure to meet the requirements for each level so that the game remains interesting.

4.6) Fast Forward Trick

                As an alternative to fertilizers but without waiting for your weed to grow, do this: when you’ve completed the planting process and filled up your meter with water, go to your settings on your phone and change the time a few minutes early. Then give the cannabis time to fully grow.

5) How to Download & Install Weed Firm 2 mod APK?

The android application weed firm 2 mod apk is a playful sport. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of adventure for you.  The goal of the game is to complete various activities in order to fill your aquarium with a large number of coins.

Step # 01: From the links below, you can download the weed firm 2 modified APK.

Step # 02: Ensure you’ve downloaded directly the standard version of the software on your android device before installing our modded apk.

Copy/paste our modded apk file onto your phone’s internal memory or SD card, depending on how much space is available on your device.

If you’re not sure how to do something properly, I’ve included a video with the tutorial. It presents two techniques for solving this problem rapidly and effortlessly.

For rooted Android devices, one approach is used, and for non-rooted Android devices, the other one is used. You can choose either one according to your needs.

Step # 03: Now you can either download your weed firm 2 mod apk directly by clicking the download now button shown.

Step # 04:  Open the Installer, and complete your process.

Step # 05: Open it once it has been installed and let the game load. When you click on it, a new window will open.

Step # 06: Open the MOD APK App to have access to unlimited free services.

6) Concluded Words

It is great that you have installed weed firm 2 Mod on your Android device since this allows you to hack the game and have fun with it. This Mod Has Truly Outstanding Abilities, So Simply Download It Using The Procedure Listed Above And Have Fun.

7) Frequently Asked Questions about Weed Firm 2  MOD APK

Question # 01: This site provides the weed firm 2 Mod Apk for download. Is it safe to do so?

Answer: Yes! There is no hazardous code in any of the APK files, therefore they are completely risk-free. You can download both the original APK file (from Google Play Store) and the modded APK file for those who want additional functionality. So there’s no need to be alarmed. Simply go to our webpage to download new apps and games, and then relax and enjoy yourself.

Question # 02: How do I make Alien bunts?

Answer: The Alien Grinder in the Space Bar can be used to manufacture Alien Blunts. For the outside spiral, you’ll need papers, Alien Weed, and Rosin.

Question # 03: How to Get Unlimited Money/XP in Weed Firm 2?

Answer: If you want infinite XP and money in Weed Firm 2, you’ll need to download the previous version of the game. The mod provides you with an endless supply of high-quality money and XP for no cost-free.

Question # 04: Do you have a direct Download Link?

Answer: Yes! The file is on our database as well as on the server, and you can download it with ease.

Question # 05: Do not find the Download Link or error?

Answer: If you found the download link is not working, do not forget to write a comment or contact us.

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